Saturday, June 30, 2012

60 by Sosa 460s (4x60)

Another Saturday draws to a close which means my weekend officially starts now. It was a long day out in the 102 degree heat and no breaks long enough to enjoy a cigar. I decided when the sun went down it would be prime time to smoke. I selected a 60 by Sosa from the humidor and eagerly awaited my son's bed time as this has become my usual routine. The 60 just like the name implies is an entire line of nothing more or less than 60 ring gauge. They are available in 4,5,6, and 7 inch lengths. The oily shine on the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper kind of got me salivating a bit anticipating my chance to light it up. Once the little one had fallen asleep I grabbed my tools and outside I went. The construction was excellent, like all the Sosa cigars I've smoked. I used my handy scissors which gave me a nice cat eye shaped opening in the cap. Pre light draw was easy and had a woody cedar tone to it. I decided to try my hand at wooden matches and used the ones given to me with my purchase from Sosa Family Cigars while on my vacation to Disney. 3 matches later and I was up and puffing. The flavor profile throughout is dominated by a slightly sweet woodiness. In the first half I picked up the woodiness along with a occassional note of honey and cream. The second half brought more of the first along with a toasty nuttiness. The second half also brought a spice sensation which tingled and excited my tongue. Burn was even with only a minor touch up, you can blame my match lighting skills for that I am sure. It was a cool burn all the way down to the nub. Available in the 5.50 price range for this size it is a great value for this rather complex little gem. Burn time was just over an hour as I relaxed and enjoyed the fact that it was finally cool enough to smoke a cigar. I normally don't go for the larger ring gauge smokes but this one was very enjoyable. Another fine smoke from Sosa and Antillian Cigar Corp. you can find Arby Sosa on twitter as @sosacigars and more information on their website at

60 by Sosa

Each cigar is handmade in Honduras.  60 by Sosa is a medium-bodied cigar and made with an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.  The cigars are packaged in boxes of twenty and available in four sizes of 60-ring gauges.  60 by Sosa is created and supervised by Arby Sosa.
60 By Sosa
WrapperSumatra Wrapper
FlavorMedium Bodied

Cigar Sizes


460 s4 x 60

560 s5 x 60

660 s6 x 60

760 s7 x 60

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