Friday, June 29, 2012

Roxor Deluxe robusto cameroon

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I won a few of these from Roxor cigars via twitter. After a few days in the usps hands I knew a short rest would be needed, they can really dry a stick out. I laid them to rest and forgot about them, yeah right forgot about them for all if 5 mins. After a couple if days in the humidor I hoped it would be enough because I was tired of waiting. After a craptastic day at work which caused me to miss 

@CigarChatLive I needed a pick me up. I grabbed the scissors, torch, and a cup of much needed coffee and hit the front patio. Construction on this one was very solid with no soft spots and firm to the pinch. The wrapper had a nice shine to it with visible veins that were smooth to the touch and great seams. Pre-light draw was spot on with a woody smooth tobacco flavor. It lit up with no problems from the single torch. Notes of wood and leather showed themselves first with a little pepper and spice to add a punch. I didn't notice much shift in the flavor profile throughout the smoke but it wasn't disappointing. The finish was of a toast flavor and mild. There was a hint of what resembled nutmeg and a nuttiness that showed up at times during the course of smoking as well. It was a very pleasant smoke and available at less than 100 bucks a box I will be getting more. It was smooth, mild (but not boring), and enjoyable. Ash held on tight for a good 2 inches and would have held on longer but the neighbors dog snuck under my chair in the darkness and scared the crap out of me, sending my long ash into my lap. Looking for a tasty smoke that is not too harsh on your wallet? give em a try! I have heard some say they thought the band was ninja turtle-ish but I found it eye catching without being overly gaudy. It doesn't hurt that my favorite color is green anyway. you can find their site at

The following info is straight from the perseo/roxor website:
There are three types of ROXOR
Natural -- Velvety rich Ecuadorian wrappers
Cameroon – 1991 Genuine African – sweet, and burns well
Maduro – Pure Nicaragaran – filler, binder, wrapper
5 Sizes
Corona: 5 5/8 x 44
Robusto: 5 x 54
Toro: 6 x 54
Churchill: 7 x 54
Torpedo: 7 x 54
All tobacco is aged at least 3 years – most longer Roxor is priced at $5.20 to $6.40 so that everyone can make this their everyday cigar. Packaging spectacular -- draws your attention to ROXOR – peaks interest. Once you feel and taste the cigar you realize the quality of the cigar equals that of the packaging.

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