Friday, June 29, 2012

Quorum Natural Corona 5.5x43

Found some quorum cigars at a local tobacco shop and the price was right at less than 2 bucks per stick. I grabbed a few for the humidor and even though I know they haven't rested long enough I just lit one up in corona size. the ecuador-sumatra wrapper has nice even color with smooth seams and minimal veins. It is a mixed filler cigar but no soft spots or sponginess. The cap started to unfurl upon cutting but it is my fault as it is obviously still too dry (I just couldn't wait) Pre light draw is easy and a bit sweet. It lit easy and burned even throughout with only a touch up. Ash was salt and pepper and held tight with some flaking. It is medium body smoke but super smooth and creamy with notes of cedar and cream throughout. This is one of the tastiest value cigars I have ever had, I can honestly see myself grabbing a 2-fer bundle of these for the humidor when space inside permits(and the wife). At the price point if around a buck and a half per stick you should give quorum a try if you have not already. As I wrap this review up I enter the final third of the cigar there have been subtle little floral tones that have sprang to my attention but nothing too intrusive. I cannot wait till the 3 others I picked up have readers and rehydrated for a few weeks. I have found 2 days is nowhere near long enough for cigars purchased at my local discount tobacco joint as they don't seem to have my standards for cigar storage. In closing mighty good job JC Newman. I might have found a new everyday value cigar.

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