Friday, June 29, 2012

Victor Sinclair Primeros Petites (4.0" x 30)

I posted about the serie 55 corojo so here is the skinny on the primeros of the same size. The two are very different in flavor. the primeros has a very sweet cedary flavor with a creamy smoothness. It is wrapped in a connecticut wrapper with dominican seco and a bit of ligero for filler. Let these rest in the humidor for a week and they taste even better, but are just fine out of the tin. I have had a few with larger than I would like veins in the wrapper leaf but at this size and price point I just burned right through it. These are mild but super tasty and satisfying. I ordered 100 corojo and a tin of 10 of these and will have to order more when they are gone. The price comes out to around .60 cents a stick and the burn lasts for about 15-25 mins depending on how hard you attack it. I am in no way affiliated with any cigar company or distributor and am not compensated for any information posted to this site.

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