Friday, June 29, 2012

Perdomo 10th anniversary champagne figurado 4.75x56

Well it is Easter Sunday and my traveling to visit family is finally done.  Its around 8pm and I haven't had a cigar all day. I open the humidor to pick out my Easter cigar. I decided on the perdomo champagne in figurado size because its shape made me think of an Easter egg. The beautiful triple fermented, 6 year aged Connecticut wrapper with it's super shine beckoned to be smoked. Upon cutting, pr-light draw was super smooth and very easy. It lit easily and. Burned evenly with no touch ups required. Flavor profile was not the most complex but it is a super tasty smoke none the less. With notes of leather, cedar, and a slight spice this is a super smooth and creamy smoke. This one was a real surprise on the amount of smooth smoke it produced. Draw was spot on requiring very little effort. Ask held tight with a nice light grey color. Flavor profile is simple but somethings are just simply perfect. Body does pickup a bit around the half way mark, bringing to around mild-medium. If you are looking for a simply tasty mild cigar, this one is sure to please. It was certainly a nice end to my day of egg hunting and family visiting. It was paired with a cup of fresh ground, premium, dark roast coffee. I look forward to another one of these in the near future.

borrowed from the Perdomo website.
Champagne: Mild to Medium 
Our famous Champagne line has a 6-year aged U.S. Connecticut wrapper that imparts a smooth elegant flavor with a rich aroma and a super creamy finish.

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