Friday, June 29, 2012

Cigars International Cigar bands mosaic humidor.

My very first journey into keeping cigars on hand and I found myself needing somewhere safe to keep them from drying out. After a modest online window shopping session I decided on the Cigars International Cigar Bands Mosaic humidor and accessory kit. The cost at the time I purchased it was 29.99. I received the humidor about 3 days after my order was placed. The kit comes with a 20 count humidor, a torch lighter, a double guillotine cutter, a 2 ounce humidifier crystal jar, and an 8 ounce bottle of "cigar juice" (pg solution). The double guillotine cutter is sharp and makes a nice clean cut. The crystal humidifier jar is very nice to keep you from having to check on your cigars everyday. The pg solution of course came in handy when seasoning the humidor ( I assume you know about seasoning humidors, if not there will be a post about it soon) as I filled the included humidifier element with pg solution as well as using the jar. Now to the most important part of the kit, the humidor. It is a very attractive humidor but that's not what makes it good. The seal is positive and really surprising. It seals up well enough to require 2 hands to open. I have since acquired another 20 count humidor and the new one is in every way inferior to the CI cigar bands one. I have about 22 cigars in mine (various ring sizes) It will hold up to 20 52-54 ring size smokes and will keep them fresh. I would recommend this to anyone new to cigars as a best buy. If you don't want or need the accessories that come with it you can also purchase the humidor without the kit for 20.00 (at the time of this post). The cigars international staff is very helpful and their customer service is second to none.
This is the link to the kit.
This is the link to the humidor only

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