Friday, June 29, 2012

Oro Cubano Aniversario Churchill

For today the Oro Cubano Aniversario in Churchill size ( 7"x50 ring). Pre-light draw was pleasantly tasty and not too firm or free. It was easy to light and keep lit with only a few touch ups from the single torch to keep burn even. The ash held tight to about 1.5 inches before falling off and was a nice shade of white. The flavor notes are nutty and woody with a prevailing cedar tone. I would consider this a mild cigar but did pick up to a mild-medium for the final third of the cigar. I acquired 2 of these in a sampler pack from Cigars International. They are currently on the 2fer bedlam list at the same site. 2 boxes of 25 will run 59.99 for the churchill size and slightly less for toro or robusto totaling out to less than 1.00 to just above 1.00 per stick. If you like mild, woody smokes that are wallet friendly then you might want to give these a shot. You can pickup 2 in the Po Boy 2 sampler pack from Cigars International along with 28 others for 29.99 still bringing it out to about a buck a stick. I let this particular one rest in the humidor for just over a week before firing it up. I am going to let the other one from the sampler rest for another month or so and may update if any changes.
this is the link to Cigars International's 2fer deal on this cigar.

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