Friday, June 29, 2012

Cigar Stix

If you follow my twitter feed you know I have been excited for weeks about the launch of premium boutique cigar section. I was told it would be going live around noon central time today! They carry a handsome selection of affordable humidors ranging from around 15.00 for a small humidor to 189.99 for the most expensive offering. Some will argue that a inexpensive humidor will not be worth owning and more of a headache than it is worth. I beg to differ! I have a 500+ capacity that I paid less than 200 bucks for and it holds perfect humidity. They also have a nice selection of cutters, gift sets, lighters and even cigar art. I noticed the section has JUST gone live as I type this and the selection is very nice. Offering great brands such as Sosa Cigars, T.L. Johnson, Toro Y Leon, Chess Cigars and many others as well. I am already making a wish list for my next order. My wife currently has a ban on my ordering of anything cigar related but I have always found it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission, within reasonable limits of course. I have had the chance to interact with Brad Bortz on twitter and he is a super nice guy to talk with. He has even endured my constant "Is it ready yet, is it ready yet". from what I can tell this is just the selection available at launch and the selection will only continue to expand from here. It looks like a great start for sure, some of my favorite brands are present and many more I have yet to try. Now through July 4th they are offering free shipping on all boutique stix so it's a great time to get an order in! Check them out today and get yourself some premium boutique stix.
straight from "about section" Find them on twitter as @cigarstix

There are many cigar sites on the web that tout offering the lowest prices available, and virtually none that use quality and taste as their main selling point. Cigar Stix is here to do just that! Yes, our prices are quite reasonable considering the high standard of cigars found on our site, but where Cigar Stix takes pride is in its hand-selection of small-batch manufacturers and the quality of products they produce.
The choices and variation of selections will meet any cigar enthusiasts tastes! Cigar Stix is about QUALITY; Cigar Stix will not offer daily "specials" to attract your business. However, I do promise to provide fantastic customer service and great choices at reasonable prices.
I do not offer any cigars on my site unless I have had the pleasure of enjoying it myself. I take your satisfaction very personally, as do my boutique cigar manufacturers. I work closely with each boutique brand owner to assure that "our" customers receive the highest quality products available.
If boutique cigars aren't your thing, Cigar Stix can provide virtually any brand of cigar, upon request.
Thank you so much for visiting. I look forward to exceeding your expectations!
Brad Bortz, Owner

I find it refreshing that Brad won't offer a stick he hasn't smoked. To me it shows a true commitment to the customer and a extra step to insure customer satisfaction.
Check out the official press release here.

Boutique Cigars vs. Premium Cigars:In your search for quality cigars, you may have come across the term “boutique cigars.” What’s the difference between Boutique Cigars and other Premium Cigars? Both types can offer a high-quality smoke. However, what defines boutique cigars is the low production numbers of these smokes. Many aficionados define these specialty cigars as smokes with an annual production of no more than 1 million sticks.

The benefit of boutique cigar production is that they allow cigar enthusiasts the opportunity to try a wider variety of smokes that are made of high-quality tobacco and are produced using a refined production process. While some smokers will only smoke certain well-known brands, a growing number of smokers are exploring their options and enjoying the process of finding truly unique cigars that come in limited editions.
Just as premium beer fans visit microbreweries and seek out the best tasting microbrews, cigar smokers refine their palate and their cigar collections with boutique cigars. When smoking a boutique cigar, you can gain satisfaction in knowing that the smoke has been produced with a more personalized approach and will allow you to enjoy a cigar shared by a relatively small number of cigar fans.
Boutique cigars are often created with a variety of tobaccos in order to achieve a truly unique flavor. They are wrapped by hand ensuring quality control so that your cigar will burn evenly in order to maximize flavor. Unlike other premium cigars, a box of boutique cigars will not be as uniform as mass produced smokes. This factor also adds a personal touch that results in greater uniqueness between each stick. Despite a lack of uniformity, you can be sure that these high-quality smokes will ensure a superb smoking experience.
Just because these smokes are far more unique than traditional premium cigars does not mean that you will have to go on a treasure hunt around the world to find them. These days, cigars of any kind are easy to purchase from online sources, which will allow you to peruse your options from the comfort of your own home. In some cases, these smokes will need to be special ordered. Since they tend to be more expensive than other types of premium cigars, many store owners will only order them when requested by a customer. If you have never tried a boutique cigar before, it is definitely worth the experience and is a great way to refine your palate. -the blog at cheaphumidors

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