Saturday, June 30, 2012

60 by Sosa 460s (4x60)

Another Saturday draws to a close which means my weekend officially starts now. It was a long day out in the 102 degree heat and no breaks long enough to enjoy a cigar. I decided when the sun went down it would be prime time to smoke. I selected a 60 by Sosa from the humidor and eagerly awaited my son's bed time as this has become my usual routine. The 60 just like the name implies is an entire line of nothing more or less than 60 ring gauge. They are available in 4,5,6, and 7 inch lengths. The oily shine on the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper kind of got me salivating a bit anticipating my chance to light it up. Once the little one had fallen asleep I grabbed my tools and outside I went. The construction was excellent, like all the Sosa cigars I've smoked. I used my handy scissors which gave me a nice cat eye shaped opening in the cap. Pre light draw was easy and had a woody cedar tone to it. I decided to try my hand at wooden matches and used the ones given to me with my purchase from Sosa Family Cigars while on my vacation to Disney. 3 matches later and I was up and puffing. The flavor profile throughout is dominated by a slightly sweet woodiness. In the first half I picked up the woodiness along with a occassional note of honey and cream. The second half brought more of the first along with a toasty nuttiness. The second half also brought a spice sensation which tingled and excited my tongue. Burn was even with only a minor touch up, you can blame my match lighting skills for that I am sure. It was a cool burn all the way down to the nub. Available in the 5.50 price range for this size it is a great value for this rather complex little gem. Burn time was just over an hour as I relaxed and enjoyed the fact that it was finally cool enough to smoke a cigar. I normally don't go for the larger ring gauge smokes but this one was very enjoyable. Another fine smoke from Sosa and Antillian Cigar Corp. you can find Arby Sosa on twitter as @sosacigars and more information on their website at

60 by Sosa

Each cigar is handmade in Honduras.  60 by Sosa is a medium-bodied cigar and made with an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.  The cigars are packaged in boxes of twenty and available in four sizes of 60-ring gauges.  60 by Sosa is created and supervised by Arby Sosa.
60 By Sosa
WrapperSumatra Wrapper
FlavorMedium Bodied

Cigar Sizes


460 s4 x 60

560 s5 x 60

660 s6 x 60

760 s7 x 60

Friday, June 29, 2012

Quality Importers medici 400 humidor

I wanted a larger humidor, I had 2 20 caps at the time i made the decision to buy another. I kept running across great cigar deals but they were boxes of 50 or 100. That is alot of cigars and need to be maintained right? I convinced my wife to let me order some cigars and a new humidor. I decided on the medici 400 from quality importers.( It claims to be a desktop humidor but is actually more like a footlocker. It will hold more than the stated 400 cigars. I have close to 550 in mine at the moment and it is holding humidity perfectly. Upon arrival I was amazed at how nice this thing was for the price tag of 129.00. I've seen 50 cap humidors going for this. I did my research and decided to order it and am glad I did. I seasoned it overnight and calibrated the included analog hygrometer. I did have problems with the included humidifier elements. One of them would not absorb any solution, I even tried soaking it overnight. I ordered the xikar 250 crystal humidifers instead ( 2 of these and a bottle of 16oz xikar solution and I was good to go. I also replaced the analog hygrometer with a Quality importers hygroset 2 ( I decided to use the analog for the lower chamber under the trays. The humidor has 2 cedar trays with a divider for each and 2 dividers for the lower portion of the humidor. This allows you to keep your cigars separated. I have 3 different wrapper types in the bottom and each one has it's own section so the flavors don't meld too badly. I use the trays for the more costly cigars in my collection. If you decide to fill this massive beast be sure to rotate the cigars in the lower chamber so they stay humidified evenly. The medici does have a lock and key and hidden piano hinges for the lid. it seals very well and holds humidity prefectly. I built, with the help of my 3 year old, a small table just to hold this big cigar box and get it off the floor. If you want to keep 300-600 of your favorite smokes on hand and well protected I would highly recommend this to ya. With the right humidifiers it is amazing. I am in no way affiliated with any cigar company or distributor and am in no way compensated for any info provided on this site. Sorry about the picture quality of my own images, the light was too low to get a decent shot with my phone camera and the dslr's were packed in the camera bag. In case you were wondering i removed one of the humidification devices from the lid and placed it underneath the trays in the bottom. The humidity was climbing to around 78% on the top and around 67% in the bottom area. This was no fault of the humidors but I had the trays too loaded down and the humidity was not able to travel through the vents properly. After moving the element I am holding at 72% top and bottom. I have the hygroset II mounted to the lid and a calibrated analog stuck to the wall in the bottom chamber in the center divided area. At this moment there are probably still close to 620 cigars in this thing with room for around another 50-75 robusto sized smokes. If you were wondering about the table this gem is sitting on, no you cannot buy them anywhere lol. My 3 year old son was terrorizing the house one day a few weeks ago, so I decided we needed a "project". I looked in the shed and found some scrap wood. He helped me measure it all out (nothing ended up even), I cut it all, and he "helped" me with the nail gun. It may be ugly as homemade sin but it is a memory and a piece of furniture I will cherish forever. It is only stable on carpet, hard surfaces rock it a bit. None the less, it holds this biggun up and is solid as a rock.

Medici 400 Cigar Desktop Humidor

The Freedom Sampler at

Various Sized Cigars—10 Cigars

Contains the following cigars: (2) Avo #2 6 x 50, (1) La Aurora 1495 Robusto 5 x 50, (1) Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection Coffee Oscuro 4 1/2 x 50, (2) Ted's Made by Hand Toro Natural 6 x 50, (2) Aging Room Rondo by Habana Cuba 5 x 50, (2) Tempus Terra Nova by Alec Bradley 5 x 50

Each customer that orders this sampler receives a free 6 month trial membership to the Cigar Rights of America.

By Purchasing this sampler you are helping support the Cigar Rights of America in their efforts to protect us from potential FDA regulations such as:

  • Ban on mail-order cigar sales
  • Ban on walk in humidors
  • Limits on special release and small batch cigars, due to mandates that cigar blends be submitted to FDA for pre-approval
  • Ban on cigar events where free cigars could be available to legal aged adults
  • Limits on nicotine levels on cigars to near zero, severely impacting the flavor of cigars
  • New 'user fees' [taxes] on cigars to finance regulation

    100% of the proceeds goes directly to support CRA's efforts

    A Special Thanks to our sponsors for making this project possible: Alec Bradley, Davidoff, English Emprise, Habana Cuba, and Miami Cigar Co.

  • Sosa Family Cigars To Release a New Size

    Sosa Family Cigars is going to be adding a new size to it's Sosa Classic line. For more information please visit G.C. Puff's article at G.C. stated that they will be adding this new size to "an already perfect cigar line" and I couldn't agree more. There are very few cigar brands that I can say I haven't found at least one offering from that I didn't enjoy. Sosa Family Cigars is in that short list. I have tried almost all offerings and none have disappointed or fell short of superb quality with a complex flavor profile. I look forward to any new size offerings or new blends that may come from Sosa.

    For more information, directly contact Arby Sosa at  1-800-238-2234 or or visit to learn more about the company. Please follow them Twitter at @sosacigars or like their Sosa Cigars Facebook page at

    Cigar Stix

    If you follow my twitter feed you know I have been excited for weeks about the launch of premium boutique cigar section. I was told it would be going live around noon central time today! They carry a handsome selection of affordable humidors ranging from around 15.00 for a small humidor to 189.99 for the most expensive offering. Some will argue that a inexpensive humidor will not be worth owning and more of a headache than it is worth. I beg to differ! I have a 500+ capacity that I paid less than 200 bucks for and it holds perfect humidity. They also have a nice selection of cutters, gift sets, lighters and even cigar art. I noticed the section has JUST gone live as I type this and the selection is very nice. Offering great brands such as Sosa Cigars, T.L. Johnson, Toro Y Leon, Chess Cigars and many others as well. I am already making a wish list for my next order. My wife currently has a ban on my ordering of anything cigar related but I have always found it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission, within reasonable limits of course. I have had the chance to interact with Brad Bortz on twitter and he is a super nice guy to talk with. He has even endured my constant "Is it ready yet, is it ready yet". from what I can tell this is just the selection available at launch and the selection will only continue to expand from here. It looks like a great start for sure, some of my favorite brands are present and many more I have yet to try. Now through July 4th they are offering free shipping on all boutique stix so it's a great time to get an order in! Check them out today and get yourself some premium boutique stix.
    straight from "about section" Find them on twitter as @cigarstix

    There are many cigar sites on the web that tout offering the lowest prices available, and virtually none that use quality and taste as their main selling point. Cigar Stix is here to do just that! Yes, our prices are quite reasonable considering the high standard of cigars found on our site, but where Cigar Stix takes pride is in its hand-selection of small-batch manufacturers and the quality of products they produce.
    The choices and variation of selections will meet any cigar enthusiasts tastes! Cigar Stix is about QUALITY; Cigar Stix will not offer daily "specials" to attract your business. However, I do promise to provide fantastic customer service and great choices at reasonable prices.
    I do not offer any cigars on my site unless I have had the pleasure of enjoying it myself. I take your satisfaction very personally, as do my boutique cigar manufacturers. I work closely with each boutique brand owner to assure that "our" customers receive the highest quality products available.
    If boutique cigars aren't your thing, Cigar Stix can provide virtually any brand of cigar, upon request.
    Thank you so much for visiting. I look forward to exceeding your expectations!
    Brad Bortz, Owner

    I find it refreshing that Brad won't offer a stick he hasn't smoked. To me it shows a true commitment to the customer and a extra step to insure customer satisfaction.
    Check out the official press release here.

    Boutique Cigars vs. Premium Cigars:In your search for quality cigars, you may have come across the term “boutique cigars.” What’s the difference between Boutique Cigars and other Premium Cigars? Both types can offer a high-quality smoke. However, what defines boutique cigars is the low production numbers of these smokes. Many aficionados define these specialty cigars as smokes with an annual production of no more than 1 million sticks.

    The benefit of boutique cigar production is that they allow cigar enthusiasts the opportunity to try a wider variety of smokes that are made of high-quality tobacco and are produced using a refined production process. While some smokers will only smoke certain well-known brands, a growing number of smokers are exploring their options and enjoying the process of finding truly unique cigars that come in limited editions.
    Just as premium beer fans visit microbreweries and seek out the best tasting microbrews, cigar smokers refine their palate and their cigar collections with boutique cigars. When smoking a boutique cigar, you can gain satisfaction in knowing that the smoke has been produced with a more personalized approach and will allow you to enjoy a cigar shared by a relatively small number of cigar fans.
    Boutique cigars are often created with a variety of tobaccos in order to achieve a truly unique flavor. They are wrapped by hand ensuring quality control so that your cigar will burn evenly in order to maximize flavor. Unlike other premium cigars, a box of boutique cigars will not be as uniform as mass produced smokes. This factor also adds a personal touch that results in greater uniqueness between each stick. Despite a lack of uniformity, you can be sure that these high-quality smokes will ensure a superb smoking experience.
    Just because these smokes are far more unique than traditional premium cigars does not mean that you will have to go on a treasure hunt around the world to find them. These days, cigars of any kind are easy to purchase from online sources, which will allow you to peruse your options from the comfort of your own home. In some cases, these smokes will need to be special ordered. Since they tend to be more expensive than other types of premium cigars, many store owners will only order them when requested by a customer. If you have never tried a boutique cigar before, it is definitely worth the experience and is a great way to refine your palate. -the blog at cheaphumidors

    Sosa Cigars Super Selection

    "As you may already know, Juan B. Sosa, Arby’s father, is a master blender for Fuente and runs the Fuente factory No. 4 in the DR, which is where our Sosa Classic and Sosa Super Selections are made."

     "Sosa Super Selection premiered in 1999.  Sosa Super Selection is handmade at the Tabacalera A. Fuente #4 Factory in the Dominican Republic under the supervision of master blender Juan B. Sosa.  This cigar consists of five sizes available in a dark Mexican Maduro wrapper from the San Andreas region.  All tobacco used in this cigar is aged for a minimum of five years.  The exceptional tobacco blended in Sosa Super creates a very smooth, complex, balanced and full-bodied cigar.  Packaged in boxes of 24.""
    It's Sunday which is the first day of my "weekend" as I work a tuesday through satuday shift at my job. i was hoping to take the day relaxing and smoke a few cigars so I could get some reviews posted. My wife had other plans and informed me there were flower beds to be dug and flowers to be planted. After half a day of planting flowers and fighting off what seemed like hundreds of yellow jackets I was beat. We had a nice dinner with family and then started the nightly ritual to get my son in the bed. When he goes to bed it usually takes an hour or more for him to stop fighting sleep and just give in to the sand man. He finally crashed out around 10:30pm and I decided I was overdue for my first cigar of the day. I chose a Sosa Super Selection in 5x50. It's beautiful dark San Andreas maduro wrapper jumped out at me as if to say "pick me!" My wife decided she wasn't going to join me on the front patio so I rounded up my tools and big glass of water and headed outside. The construction was superb and upon cutting the cap with my scissors I tested the draw. The draw was absolutely perfect. The wrapper, dark and smooth with only a couple of slightly visible veins. I toasted the foot and lit it up. The sweet spiciness flooded my palate with notes of leather and cocoa. There was a slight nuttiness to the finish and a slight sweetness on the lips. The second third brought more of the same but also a slight oak flavor with some sort of spice and a hint of pepper. The Last third picked up a tad more body to what had been on the medium-full side and I also picked up a hint of cinnamon and coffee. The flavor profile was rather complex and seemed to change with each puff. It was very well balanced and extremely enjoyable. It took me right at an hour to nub this one. The burn was even and required no touch ups, the ash held tight with a nice salt and pepper until the final third. I have not had a Sosa cigar yet that I didn't enjoy but if I had to pick my favorite Sosa it would be a tie between the Super Selection and the Underground. I may have to have a smoke-off to determine a favorite. Either way both land in my top 5 favorite cigars. you can find their site at and on twitter as @sosacigars

    ESEE knives / Randall's Adventure & Training School of Survival


    Being a southern boy from the heart of Alabama I love anything that has to do with guns, knives, and the outdoors. I discovered a brand I was unfamiliar with while surfing the twittersphere (twitter). They have some great looking knives and survival gear. Along with their line of American made knives they offer jungle survival training for those interested in learning how to survive in the adverse conditions of the jungle. To top it all off they are based in Alabama, which I found really cool. You may have seen some of their earlier knife designs produced by Ontario Cutlery under the RAT brand name. I remember growing up a knife addict collecting some of the Ontario survival and bowie knives. The contract with Ontario ended in 2007 and RAT decided to produce their own knives under the ESEE brand. I cannot review their blades at this time (I do not own one yet), but I do have a couple of them on my "Dang I want one of those" list (a very long list containing a lot more than just knives lol). My three favorites so far are the ESEE-5, ESEE-6, and the Junglas (which is pronounced Hoonglas). I love the glass breaker pommel on the ESEE-5

    I have always been a fan of the larger knives, I find them to most versatile on camping trips or outings. I usually carry a large knife and a smaller fixed blade knife on camping trips, as well as a folding knife close at hand in my pocket. They will soon be offering the IZULU blade design in a very attractive folding knife. Who doesn't love a good, high-quality, folder for everyday carry?
    One of my favorite survival products that they offer is the AH-1 Arrowhead wallet. It includes two of their AH-1 arrowheads with trays to protect the user and the arrowheads. These would be perfect to use as arrowheads or to make a fish spear. If I found myself stranded in the woods I would hope I had one of these on-hand. They also have MOLLE back systems and gear pouches to add to your ESEE knife sheath making it easier to carry on a MOLLE pack and providing an additional pocket for small survival tools or matches.

    If you're like me and have ever lost a knife in the woods or at the campsite they also have the Venom Green line. The orange handles and stand-out green blades would make it a little easier to spot at the campsite, to ensure it doesn't get left behind.
    I hope I can get my hand on one of these soon so I can review it here on the site. The build quality looks amazing with a proven reputation in the field. I also love the fact that handles are replaceable making it easy to repair if one should become broken from a little hard use. You can find them at if you're in the market for a high quality knife made in the USA. All photos borrowed from the esee knives website with permission. Find them on twitter as @ESEEKnives, Jon is a friendly guy and runs a tone of giveaways and contests on twitter. *update* I have obtained an ESEE 6 and will put it through some trials soon. This is one sexy beast of a knife. You can use the amazon widget to the right of this post to search for and purchase ESEE knives directly from my blog for your convenience.

    Ortega Serie D maduro #6


    Well I find myself smack dab in the middle of Monday, which happens to be my Sunday. I have been doing yard and house beautification since Friday and have only been able to enjoy one cigar so far. I decided to help myself to a cigar with a little more body than my usual. I selected the Ortega Cigars Serie D Maduro in #6 size (48x4.5"). The Ortega Serie D reminds me of a chocolate bar with it's dark chocolate wrapper. the construction was superb with barely visible, smooth veins. Pinching the body of the cigar, I found it firm with no soft spots. The prelight aroma was that of fermented tobacco from the body and a nuttiness at the foot. Upon cutting the cap I checked prelight draw and found it just a tad on the firm side but nothing to be concerned about. I toasted the foot and lit up this beautiful cigar. the flavor exploded with cocoa, a bit of coffee, and a peppery finish for the first inch or so.
     The pepper calmed after the first inch and notes of leather, spice, and a slight nuttiness joined the mix. The second half of the #6 brought more of same flavors but also brought in a slight hint of maple and butter. It is a stout little cigar and rightfully labeled as a medium/full but is in no way harsh on the palate. The finish is pleasant and lingering. The Serie D is the first offering from Eddie Ortega under the Ortega brand. and is also now offered in a Ecuador Habano Rosado (Natural) wrapper and not just the Mexican San Andreas Maduro. I nubbed this one just as the battery on my son's john deere power wheel tractor gave out, talk about perfect timing. This was my first taste of any of Eddie Ortega's cigars and I look forward to trying some of the brands he and Erik Espinosa collaborated on under the EO Brands trademark. I won the sampler this cigar was in from Eddie Ortega himself while participating in cigar chat live. He is a super nice guy and loves to hear your comments on his cigars. you can find him on twitter as @Eddieor. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and have made the serie D part of my usual cigar rotation. Nice even burn, excellent construction, and a complex and tasty flavor profile. the best part is the are under 7 bucks a stick for the #6. 
    Ortega Serie D #6 Maduro
    Size: 48 x 4-1/2     Box: 10

    Filler/Binder: Nicaraguan Jalapa and Esteli
    Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro
    Profile: Medium/Full 

    Ortega Serie D

    The Serie D is the first brand under the Ortega trademark.  The Serie D are manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua and comprise a rich blend of long filler tobaccos grown in the Jalapa and Esteli regions of Nicaragua.  These cigars have been blended to perfection using only the finest tobaccos in the region.  The cigars comprise a rich blend which exudes lots of flavor and aroma; it is a smooth and aromatic cigar which will please the palate of the most discriminating smoker.

    Blend; Profile and Packaging details;

    Filler/Binder: Nicaraguan/Jalapa and Esteli
    Wrapper: Available in a San Andres Maduro Wrapper from Mexico or Habano Rosado Wrapper
    Profile: Medium/Full Bodied

    Sosa Family Cigars, Downtown Disney

    I recently took a vacation to Disney World for 7 days with my wife and 3 year old. It was very fun and very tiring. After about 3 days of tired youngun screaming I needed a cigar. I convinced the wife we needed to head to downtown disney to eat at T-Rex (it just so happens sosa family cigars and fuego by sosa are right around the corner). I was told I could run ahead and try to grab a few sticks as little man was very tired and cranky after lunch. I passed by fuego, the bar, but didn't have time to grab a drink and relax unfortunately. I saw the big S from the Sosa band and picked up my pace. I knew I only had about a 5 minute window to grab a few sticks and get back to the family so we could get little man back to the room for a nap. The poor lady at the register must have thought I was crazy. I think I startled her the way I briskly busted through the door. She asked if she could help me find something and all I could get out in my excitement was "I'm here for the Sosa's". She pointed me to the door to the walk-in and informed me they were in the middle of the wall. The smell almost caused me to lose focus. I browsed the shelves with a watery mouth and selected 8 sosa's one by one. With my cell phone buzzing with text messages reminding me she was dealing with a very fussy child I reluctantly headed for the register with my small haul of sosa tasty treats. This was in no way the way I had planned my first visit to Sosa Family Cigars. I had every intention to have conversations with the staff and take some pictures and really wanted to grab a drink and a smoke at Fuego by Sosa as my wife treated little man to ice cream and the huge lego store. I may have been disappointed by my time restraints but there was no disappointment in the selection in the store or the staff. I hope I didn't scare the poor lady at the register too bad with my hurry. The good news is that they are adding new attractions to magic kingdom and there will be a trip back to disney world to check them out, that means I have another opportunity to visit and take my time. As far as that goes I might just grab my brother and take a road trip for a weekend soon. The people I have had the joy of meeting online at @sosacigars on twitter and their rep @carluba are so super friendly and nice. I hope next time I go i can meet everyone and take my time. The Undergrounds made the trip much easier and enjoyable. I highly recommend you stop by if you find yourself in the area and need or want a fine smoke. I look forward to my next opportunity to visit and hope there are no time restraints or cranky children demanding I hurry like the world is about to end. Next time I get the chance to visit i will burst through the door, ask what year it is, and exclaim "great scott i've done it" and hope nobody calls the cops

    xikar 250 crystal humidifier

    I mentioned these in the review for the medici 400 but I believe they deserve their own special mention. I upgraded from the two 20 cap humidors I was using to allow me to age sticks a little better before firing them up. The medici came with the 2 foam elements but RH was fluctuating so bad I feared the 500+ cigars i stuffed into it would either dry out or plump up and bust open like a ball park frank in the microwave. I looked into the bag of crystal beads to fill the existing elements but decided I was honestly too dang lazy to go through the trouble. I ordered 2 of the Xikar 250 crystal elements and after filling them and waiting a minute or 2 I was amazed at how they had drank in all the Xikar PG solution I had poured in. there was no dripping or leaking. the magnets are affixed in such a way that you don't have to worry about the element letting go and dropping onto your sticks. I had one of the foam ones drop down and soak a couple of my sticks in PG solution, needless to say I was less than thrilled. I refresh the Xikar elements about every 45 days and my RH stays between 69 and 72%. I couldn't be more pleased! I plan to add a 125 or 150 cap in the future and do away with the two 20 caps altogether. When that day comes there will be a xikar crystal element in it as well.

    Four kicks seleccion #5 by crowned heads

    I won some of these from a contest in the twitter, God I love twitter lol. When Jon Huber mailed me my 4 pack of seleccion #5's he threw in a kickass hat and a sticker. Wearing the hat as I type and as soon as the truck gets a bath I will be applying the sticker to the back windshield. I woke up a couple of hours before anyone else in the house and decided watching the sun come up with my first cigar in a few days would be a great start to my Sunday. My sinuses have been giving me hell for the last few days making tasting anything a mere wish. Thanks to my handy nettipot I can once again taste a cigar. I usually prefer the larger ring gauges but this #5 and the Sosa underground have got me reconsidering my usual preference altogether. The wrapper had minimal veins and a smooth kinda oily feel. The seams were nice and the cap was expertly applied. A very handsome smoke! Pre light aroma promised something with a bit of spice and wood and didn't disappoint. Pre light draw was near perfect and had a hint of woody spice as well. It lit easy with the single flame. Burn was superb holding a 2 inch ash before falling to the concrete of my patio. The first inch unleashed a barrage  of spice and wood notes with a plethora of good smoke for me to enjoy. After the first inch the spice calmed a bit but was still present with a slightly sweet pepper finish. The second third brought a bit of coffee and leather which picked up a notch in the final third. The second third also brought a nuttiness and creaminess to the party with just a tad more pepper. I have heard the hype behind this one and have honestly wondered if it was overdramatized or justly due. I am happy to report the latter is true, this is a superb smoke and super tasty. It was well balanced and very satisfying. I look forward to my next dance with the #5 as its complex flavor profile dances across my palate. Thanks again for the contest Jon and the hat and sticker and certainly the sampling of #5s. Keep rocking out the great smokes brother! Follow them on twitter @thecrownedheads and visit them online at

    The following was borrowed from the crowned heads website.Wrapper: Habano Ecuador
    Binder: Nicaragua
    Filler: Nicaragua

    Wrapper: Habano Ecuador
    Binder: Nicaragua
    Filler: Nicaragua

    Corona Gorda [5-5/8” x 46]
    Robusto [5” x 50]
    Sublime [6” x 54]
    Piramide [6-1/8” x 52]
    Selección No. 5 [6-1/2" x 44]

    Suggested Retail Range – $6.95-$8.65 per cigar
    Manufactured at Tabacalera LaAlianza S.A., Santiago, Dominican Republic