Friday, June 29, 2012

Quality Importers medici 400 humidor

I wanted a larger humidor, I had 2 20 caps at the time i made the decision to buy another. I kept running across great cigar deals but they were boxes of 50 or 100. That is alot of cigars and need to be maintained right? I convinced my wife to let me order some cigars and a new humidor. I decided on the medici 400 from quality importers.( It claims to be a desktop humidor but is actually more like a footlocker. It will hold more than the stated 400 cigars. I have close to 550 in mine at the moment and it is holding humidity perfectly. Upon arrival I was amazed at how nice this thing was for the price tag of 129.00. I've seen 50 cap humidors going for this. I did my research and decided to order it and am glad I did. I seasoned it overnight and calibrated the included analog hygrometer. I did have problems with the included humidifier elements. One of them would not absorb any solution, I even tried soaking it overnight. I ordered the xikar 250 crystal humidifers instead ( 2 of these and a bottle of 16oz xikar solution and I was good to go. I also replaced the analog hygrometer with a Quality importers hygroset 2 ( I decided to use the analog for the lower chamber under the trays. The humidor has 2 cedar trays with a divider for each and 2 dividers for the lower portion of the humidor. This allows you to keep your cigars separated. I have 3 different wrapper types in the bottom and each one has it's own section so the flavors don't meld too badly. I use the trays for the more costly cigars in my collection. If you decide to fill this massive beast be sure to rotate the cigars in the lower chamber so they stay humidified evenly. The medici does have a lock and key and hidden piano hinges for the lid. it seals very well and holds humidity prefectly. I built, with the help of my 3 year old, a small table just to hold this big cigar box and get it off the floor. If you want to keep 300-600 of your favorite smokes on hand and well protected I would highly recommend this to ya. With the right humidifiers it is amazing. I am in no way affiliated with any cigar company or distributor and am in no way compensated for any info provided on this site. Sorry about the picture quality of my own images, the light was too low to get a decent shot with my phone camera and the dslr's were packed in the camera bag. In case you were wondering i removed one of the humidification devices from the lid and placed it underneath the trays in the bottom. The humidity was climbing to around 78% on the top and around 67% in the bottom area. This was no fault of the humidors but I had the trays too loaded down and the humidity was not able to travel through the vents properly. After moving the element I am holding at 72% top and bottom. I have the hygroset II mounted to the lid and a calibrated analog stuck to the wall in the bottom chamber in the center divided area. At this moment there are probably still close to 620 cigars in this thing with room for around another 50-75 robusto sized smokes. If you were wondering about the table this gem is sitting on, no you cannot buy them anywhere lol. My 3 year old son was terrorizing the house one day a few weeks ago, so I decided we needed a "project". I looked in the shed and found some scrap wood. He helped me measure it all out (nothing ended up even), I cut it all, and he "helped" me with the nail gun. It may be ugly as homemade sin but it is a memory and a piece of furniture I will cherish forever. It is only stable on carpet, hard surfaces rock it a bit. None the less, it holds this biggun up and is solid as a rock.

Medici 400 Cigar Desktop Humidor

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