Friday, June 29, 2012

Four kicks seleccion #5 by crowned heads

I won some of these from a contest in the twitter, God I love twitter lol. When Jon Huber mailed me my 4 pack of seleccion #5's he threw in a kickass hat and a sticker. Wearing the hat as I type and as soon as the truck gets a bath I will be applying the sticker to the back windshield. I woke up a couple of hours before anyone else in the house and decided watching the sun come up with my first cigar in a few days would be a great start to my Sunday. My sinuses have been giving me hell for the last few days making tasting anything a mere wish. Thanks to my handy nettipot I can once again taste a cigar. I usually prefer the larger ring gauges but this #5 and the Sosa underground have got me reconsidering my usual preference altogether. The wrapper had minimal veins and a smooth kinda oily feel. The seams were nice and the cap was expertly applied. A very handsome smoke! Pre light aroma promised something with a bit of spice and wood and didn't disappoint. Pre light draw was near perfect and had a hint of woody spice as well. It lit easy with the single flame. Burn was superb holding a 2 inch ash before falling to the concrete of my patio. The first inch unleashed a barrage  of spice and wood notes with a plethora of good smoke for me to enjoy. After the first inch the spice calmed a bit but was still present with a slightly sweet pepper finish. The second third brought a bit of coffee and leather which picked up a notch in the final third. The second third also brought a nuttiness and creaminess to the party with just a tad more pepper. I have heard the hype behind this one and have honestly wondered if it was overdramatized or justly due. I am happy to report the latter is true, this is a superb smoke and super tasty. It was well balanced and very satisfying. I look forward to my next dance with the #5 as its complex flavor profile dances across my palate. Thanks again for the contest Jon and the hat and sticker and certainly the sampling of #5s. Keep rocking out the great smokes brother! Follow them on twitter @thecrownedheads and visit them online at

The following was borrowed from the crowned heads website.Wrapper: Habano Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Corona Gorda [5-5/8” x 46]
Robusto [5” x 50]
Sublime [6” x 54]
Piramide [6-1/8” x 52]
Selecci├│n No. 5 [6-1/2" x 44]

Suggested Retail Range – $6.95-$8.65 per cigar
Manufactured at Tabacalera LaAlianza S.A., Santiago, Dominican Republic

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