Friday, June 29, 2012

Liga IV almirante corona (5.5x43)

I ordered a few of these from CI, a 2-fer actually. They are certainly not much to look at with veins that make it look as though it had a bad plastic surgeon. After a bundle of these there were only a couple with a overly tight draw. Pr-light draw is firm on most I have had and has a sweet nutty flavor to it. No lighting issues as they have all lit right up with ease. Burn has not been even in a single one and the have all gone canoe on the burn. Just like the description states the first inch is sweet and creamy, after that the sweetness starts to fade the further into it you get. Before aging they had an occasional cardboard flavor throughout the burn. Aging, thank God, has vanquished this. Throughout the burn there is little change to flavor with sweet cedar, cream, floral, and nuttiness. If you must have a even burn to be happy then steer clear if these. If you don't mind retouching a good bit and a Frankenstein stitched up looking wrapper go ahead and try them. Will I order another 2 bundles? Most likely not but if I was offered one when I was out of cigars I would smoke it.

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