Friday, June 29, 2012

Quorum shade robusto

I picked this up about a month ago from a local cigar shop cause the price was too good not to. After that length of time I decided it was taking up valuable real estate on the humidor shelf and must be smoked. The wrapper is well constructed with visible but smooth to the touch veins. The seams were pretty hard to spot and cap nicely constructed. Pre light draw was spot on. It lit easy with the single flame torch. Burn was superb for a cigar in this price range with 0 retouches. Flavor profile was mild and rather pleasant. With a light leathery nutty flavor in the first third. The second third was more of the first but with a hint of what tastes to me like dried apricots. The last third didn't really add any new flavors to the profile. For what it is, a sub 2 buck stick, its not too shabby. Would make a good morning smoke as it is mild and a little creamy. This would also make a good yard-gar for when time could not be taken to truly enjoy a more expensive smoke. I actually enjoyed this one a bit more than the purple banded quorum I reviewed earlier on. I believe it was a buck .65 for this one and for the price it's worth giving a whirl if u r on a smoking budget or a cheap ass like me.

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