Friday, June 29, 2012

Colibri grip (cut) cigar cutter

I recently had an accident with my double guillotine cutter I got with the Cigar Bands Mosaic humidor combo kit. I dropped it from the seat of my work van onto the concrete. It landed just so perfectly as to break one of the little plastic handles off. While still usable with a little more effort than usual. I started the search for a new cutter ( the wife is not amused lol). After a few days of looking at different cutters I made up my mind on a sale item from Cigars International ( I love these guys). They had colibri grip doble guillotine cutters on sale for 19.50 and everywhere else has them for 39.00. they had 3 different colors to choose from. A bright yellow one with the cigars international logo, a diesel branded, and a man-o-war branded. They don't list the ring size so I almost didn't order it. The reason I wanted a larger ring size is for when I light a premium large ring cigar and don't have time to get it done I like to clip the cherry off and store it in a saver tube for later consumption ( it actually works pretty well) it will cut up to a 62 ring cigar in case you were wondering. This thing is so sharp it is retarded. If you happen to get some tobacco between the blades be very careful if you try to clean it with your fingers (trust me, i bled). It's a unique design with a locking knob to lock the blades closed for pocket travel. Upon releasing the blades, they pop open awaiting the opportunity to give you a razor sharp cut.
here's a video link to the model I chose. To me the man-o-war was the most attractive of the 3 offerings. If this thing ever breaks or gets lost it will be replaced with another of the same model. The best cutter I have tried to date.

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