Friday, June 29, 2012

Dark Shark Churchill

I purchased a bundle of 20 cigars with my first order from Cigars International that was listed under the unsmokeables. I purchased the Dark Shark Churchill. It's a maduro wrapped 7"x50 smoke. The first one I smoked before any rest in the humidor and it was harsh and strong. I decided to stash a few in the humidor for a few days. After a couple of weeks in the humidor they mellowed down a bit. It is still a mild-medium body cigar but mush less harsh. The ash is a nice salt and pepper grey and holds tight. It's great for when you have an hour or so to enjoy a inexpensive smoke. There is the distinct peppery goodness of a dark wrapper with earthy tones and tones of cedar that rear their heads throughout the cigar. It does get moderately more harsh toward the last few inches of the cigar so I would say smoke 5 inches of this one and then toss it in the ash bucket. I can't believe they labeled this as unsmokeable as it isn't THAT bad. At 19.99 for a bundle of 20 can you really go wrong with giving a bundle a try. If they are not your cup of tea just pass these to your moocher buddies when they want to join you for a smoke on your dime. I don't think you will be disappointed with this smoke at this price point. Makes a good yard gar when you don't want to burn a more expensive stick while planting a flower bed or mowing the lawn.
*UPDATE* 8/1/12
I have had about 10 of these in the bottom of the aging humidor out of the wrapper just to see where a few months would bring these. I can report that after 8 months in the bottom of the humidor there has been a lot of mellowing. It is still a very once dimensional cigar but the flavor profile has certainly improved. Most of the harshness has disappeared and the flavors are much more pronounced. It went from a almost unsmokeable stick to a not too shabby stick. I didn't really expect these to get any better with age but I'm impressed.

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