Friday, June 29, 2012

magellan dominicans

I recently went bargain cigar hunting and ran across magellan dominicans, a 5"x42 ring cigar. I took a gamble and ordered a bundle of 100 of these. I'm so new to cigars I didn't realize just how small they were going to be.  upon opening the box I was almost upset by the tiny little bundles of cigars wrapped up inside a map printed paper. My first thought was cigarillo and I have yet to find a cigarillo that offers the same satisfaction that a full sized cigar seems to offer. I crammed about 20 of these in a 20 count humidor with about 10 churchill sized cigars to rest for a few days before trying them out. I wasn't honestly expecting much from this tiny little guy. The website I ordered them from compared them to montecristo and asheton cigars. After about 2 days in the humidor I couldn't wait anymore and had to fire one up. I was pleasantly surprised at first puff. This attractive little cigar was pretty darn tasty. It is not exactly abounding with flavor notes but it does have notes of honey, cedar, and something mildly floral that pop out on occasion. None of the flavor notes are overpowering or obnoxious. The burn is pretty even with a nice dark grey ash. The ash holds rather tight and the draw is easy but not so easy as to feel like you are puffing air. I have smoked a few 3-4 dollar per stick cigars that were not as enjoyable as these. They last about 30-45 minutes even with their small size. The after-taste tends to linger but is not harsh or bitter. Now to the price point, I picked up 100 of these little gems for 59.00 at the time of this post. If you don't want to gamble with 100 at 59.00 you can pickup a bundle of 50 for 35.00. It's obvious the better buy comes with the larger offering but I don't think you will be too disappointed in ordering 100 at a time which comes out to a little more than 50 cents per cigar.
here's the link
P.S. If you buy a bundle and don't like them, put them in the mail to me and I will properly dispose of them for you. They will be burned slowly and one at a time :)
I am in no way affiliated with any cigar company or distributor. I am not compensated in any way for a review or post that is made to this blog. I just enjoy cigars and want to help others new to cigars get the most smoke for their dollar without having to sacrifice flavor.
*update* with about a month total in the humidor the flavor has only gotten better. Can't wait to give them another month or 2
*update* With about 6 months in the humidor the flavor has really improved. the flavors have melded and mellowed. It is still not a 5 buck stick but still hard to beat if you're on a super tight budget and like small smokes. I have also heard rumor that these are a jose Dominquez cigar but have found no hard evidence to back that claim. i will continue to look for information about that, if you happen across it please feel free to share.

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