Friday, June 29, 2012


I picked up a box of 50 of these from thompson cigar on sale for 39.99 so that brings us out to about .80 cents a stick. Could wait to try one so I lit one up with no resting period. Even straight from the box it was very tasty. the pre-light draw was good and had a sweet cedar flavor to it. There was also a slightly sweet nutty flavor present that was akin to a green peanut. The burn was a bit uneven and needed a couple of touch ups throughout the smoke. Overall it was a pretty darn good little smoke. Burn time was about 35-40 minutes with me herfing the heck out of it. It's 5"x50 ring size was all a pleasure to burn. woody tones with notes of cedar and a light honey sweetness abound with nutty undertones. I mean really though for .80 cents a stick it would be worth grabbing a box of 50 to give moocher buddies that always want to enjoy a cigar with you without bringing their own cigar. I have since smoked another couple of these, one after about a weeks rest and one after about 3 weeks. the flavor didn't change and I'm glad. I have purchased some of the cheaper brands that rest time was almost a requirement if you wanted to be able to get more than a few puffs in before having to turn it into a "dog rocket". i'm glad these were not in that same boat. the remaining 45ish I have left are now resting in the far left 1/3rd of the 500 cap humi for enjoyment at a later date. here's the link
I'm in no way compensated for the reviews or information provided in this blog. I only want to help other's like myself get the best smoke without breaking the bank.

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