Friday, June 29, 2012

Graycliff g2 pirate

This is one beautifully wrapped little torpedo. The Ecuadorean Connecticut wrapper had a very very attractive shine to it with flawless seems and almost nonexistent veins. I did notice it was a little loose on the roll but no soft spots in the wrapper. Pre light draw was nice and easy with a sweet nutty flavor. The burn was even and the ash held tight for close to 2 inches with a nice grey color. The first third was light and creamy with notes of cedar and an occasional fruity berry note with an almond nuttiness. The second third brought some spice and toast notes to my attention as the berry notes seemed to disappear. The final third kicked the body up a bit and stayed with the toasty woody nutty flavor. All said and done a great cigar for around the 3 buck per stick price point. The aftertaste was lingering and pleasant. And burn was fairly even with only a minor touch up or two. It saddens me to know I only have 1 more of these in the humidor.

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