Friday, June 29, 2012

Gurkha blue steel torpedo

I snagged a 5 pack of these from cigars international as a freebie with order. It is wrapped in a beautiful dark and oily Maduro wrapper with minimal veins and nice smooth seams. The pre light draw on the 2 I have tried so far have both been very hard and required poking with a poker to get a draw through. It was a bit hard to light as well. The burn was fairly even with a few touch ups along the way. This one also had a bad case of tunneling. Flavor was great with a toasty-woody earth tone with hints of coffee and leather poking their heads on occasion. It was great for a little over an hour of chasing my my son and his power wheel around the yard. Not the most complex of smokes but dang tasty if you don't mind a little upkeep while you smoke it. It is consistent throughout and worth giving a try. Smoke was medium body in my opinion and upped to a medium-full after the half way mark. I fear the remaining 3 need more resting before I can get them to draw a little easier. My guess is either they are super fresh or were over-humidified before arriving at my door. I will revisit this tasty yet very finicky cigar in a couple of months when i feel they may have aged enough.
Borrowed from
Gurkha Blue Steel is a perfect example of a limited run cigar. Comprised of toothy Costa Rican maduro wrappers - one of the most expensive leaves on the planet - the Blue Steel was limited to just under 50,000 cigars, total. This is due to the exquisite, extensively aged tobaccos within: a bold blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Colombian long-fillers. Instantly upon lighting, the age of these tobaccos is evident, as your palate is consumed by rich, but mellow nuances.

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