Friday, June 29, 2012

Don Smith series dee Churchill (7 x 50)

I picked up a couple of these in a sampler. It's amazing how many times i'm going to start a post that way huh? These are wrapped in a Sumatra Ecuador wrapper and stuffed with dominican long-filler. They are available for around a buck a stick so this fits the bill for the discount portion of my reviews. I had the first cut of the season due on the lawn and wanted to enjoy a "yard-gar" while cutting and weed-eating. I picked this from the value bundle churchill sized smokes I had and figured it looked like a good candidate. It had a surprisingly smooth wrapper for the 1 dollar price point. The veins were minimal and seams smooth. Pre-light it had a sweet tobacco smell which was even more powerful at the foot. Upon cutting and lighting, which it lit without a hitch, it was pretty much what I was expecting. There was no symphony of flavors dancing around my palate but it was in no way the worst cigar I have ever smoked. The only real flavor notes it had to it were woody and sweet tobacco with a hint of nuttiness. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet and had a nice aroma to it. The flavor was pretty consistent through to the nub with no real pickup in strength. It remained a mild and mellow smoke that was perfect for my yard work. I would hate to smoke a good cigar like a Sosa or Toro Y Leon while chopping weeds. I don't see me ordering a box of these but I wouldn't throw them out if I were to get a couple more in a sampler. Everyone needs a good "yard-gar" (or at least a decent one). Sorry I don't have a picture of this one, my hands were planted firmly on the lawnmower.
Don Smith

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