Friday, June 29, 2012

Ortega Serie D maduro #6


Well I find myself smack dab in the middle of Monday, which happens to be my Sunday. I have been doing yard and house beautification since Friday and have only been able to enjoy one cigar so far. I decided to help myself to a cigar with a little more body than my usual. I selected the Ortega Cigars Serie D Maduro in #6 size (48x4.5"). The Ortega Serie D reminds me of a chocolate bar with it's dark chocolate wrapper. the construction was superb with barely visible, smooth veins. Pinching the body of the cigar, I found it firm with no soft spots. The prelight aroma was that of fermented tobacco from the body and a nuttiness at the foot. Upon cutting the cap I checked prelight draw and found it just a tad on the firm side but nothing to be concerned about. I toasted the foot and lit up this beautiful cigar. the flavor exploded with cocoa, a bit of coffee, and a peppery finish for the first inch or so.
 The pepper calmed after the first inch and notes of leather, spice, and a slight nuttiness joined the mix. The second half of the #6 brought more of same flavors but also brought in a slight hint of maple and butter. It is a stout little cigar and rightfully labeled as a medium/full but is in no way harsh on the palate. The finish is pleasant and lingering. The Serie D is the first offering from Eddie Ortega under the Ortega brand. and is also now offered in a Ecuador Habano Rosado (Natural) wrapper and not just the Mexican San Andreas Maduro. I nubbed this one just as the battery on my son's john deere power wheel tractor gave out, talk about perfect timing. This was my first taste of any of Eddie Ortega's cigars and I look forward to trying some of the brands he and Erik Espinosa collaborated on under the EO Brands trademark. I won the sampler this cigar was in from Eddie Ortega himself while participating in cigar chat live. He is a super nice guy and loves to hear your comments on his cigars. you can find him on twitter as @Eddieor. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and have made the serie D part of my usual cigar rotation. Nice even burn, excellent construction, and a complex and tasty flavor profile. the best part is the are under 7 bucks a stick for the #6. 
Ortega Serie D #6 Maduro
Size: 48 x 4-1/2     Box: 10

Filler/Binder: Nicaraguan Jalapa and Esteli
Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro
Profile: Medium/Full 

Ortega Serie D

The Serie D is the first brand under the Ortega trademark.  The Serie D are manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua and comprise a rich blend of long filler tobaccos grown in the Jalapa and Esteli regions of Nicaragua.  These cigars have been blended to perfection using only the finest tobaccos in the region.  The cigars comprise a rich blend which exudes lots of flavor and aroma; it is a smooth and aromatic cigar which will please the palate of the most discriminating smoker.

Blend; Profile and Packaging details;

Filler/Binder: Nicaraguan/Jalapa and Esteli
Wrapper: Available in a San Andres Maduro Wrapper from Mexico or Habano Rosado Wrapper
Profile: Medium/Full Bodied

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