Friday, June 29, 2012

Sosa Family Cigars, Downtown Disney

I recently took a vacation to Disney World for 7 days with my wife and 3 year old. It was very fun and very tiring. After about 3 days of tired youngun screaming I needed a cigar. I convinced the wife we needed to head to downtown disney to eat at T-Rex (it just so happens sosa family cigars and fuego by sosa are right around the corner). I was told I could run ahead and try to grab a few sticks as little man was very tired and cranky after lunch. I passed by fuego, the bar, but didn't have time to grab a drink and relax unfortunately. I saw the big S from the Sosa band and picked up my pace. I knew I only had about a 5 minute window to grab a few sticks and get back to the family so we could get little man back to the room for a nap. The poor lady at the register must have thought I was crazy. I think I startled her the way I briskly busted through the door. She asked if she could help me find something and all I could get out in my excitement was "I'm here for the Sosa's". She pointed me to the door to the walk-in and informed me they were in the middle of the wall. The smell almost caused me to lose focus. I browsed the shelves with a watery mouth and selected 8 sosa's one by one. With my cell phone buzzing with text messages reminding me she was dealing with a very fussy child I reluctantly headed for the register with my small haul of sosa tasty treats. This was in no way the way I had planned my first visit to Sosa Family Cigars. I had every intention to have conversations with the staff and take some pictures and really wanted to grab a drink and a smoke at Fuego by Sosa as my wife treated little man to ice cream and the huge lego store. I may have been disappointed by my time restraints but there was no disappointment in the selection in the store or the staff. I hope I didn't scare the poor lady at the register too bad with my hurry. The good news is that they are adding new attractions to magic kingdom and there will be a trip back to disney world to check them out, that means I have another opportunity to visit and take my time. As far as that goes I might just grab my brother and take a road trip for a weekend soon. The people I have had the joy of meeting online at @sosacigars on twitter and their rep @carluba are so super friendly and nice. I hope next time I go i can meet everyone and take my time. The Undergrounds made the trip much easier and enjoyable. I highly recommend you stop by if you find yourself in the area and need or want a fine smoke. I look forward to my next opportunity to visit and hope there are no time restraints or cranky children demanding I hurry like the world is about to end. Next time I get the chance to visit i will burst through the door, ask what year it is, and exclaim "great scott i've done it" and hope nobody calls the cops

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