Friday, June 29, 2012

Sosa Cigars Super Selection

"As you may already know, Juan B. Sosa, Arby’s father, is a master blender for Fuente and runs the Fuente factory No. 4 in the DR, which is where our Sosa Classic and Sosa Super Selections are made."

 "Sosa Super Selection premiered in 1999.  Sosa Super Selection is handmade at the Tabacalera A. Fuente #4 Factory in the Dominican Republic under the supervision of master blender Juan B. Sosa.  This cigar consists of five sizes available in a dark Mexican Maduro wrapper from the San Andreas region.  All tobacco used in this cigar is aged for a minimum of five years.  The exceptional tobacco blended in Sosa Super creates a very smooth, complex, balanced and full-bodied cigar.  Packaged in boxes of 24.""
It's Sunday which is the first day of my "weekend" as I work a tuesday through satuday shift at my job. i was hoping to take the day relaxing and smoke a few cigars so I could get some reviews posted. My wife had other plans and informed me there were flower beds to be dug and flowers to be planted. After half a day of planting flowers and fighting off what seemed like hundreds of yellow jackets I was beat. We had a nice dinner with family and then started the nightly ritual to get my son in the bed. When he goes to bed it usually takes an hour or more for him to stop fighting sleep and just give in to the sand man. He finally crashed out around 10:30pm and I decided I was overdue for my first cigar of the day. I chose a Sosa Super Selection in 5x50. It's beautiful dark San Andreas maduro wrapper jumped out at me as if to say "pick me!" My wife decided she wasn't going to join me on the front patio so I rounded up my tools and big glass of water and headed outside. The construction was superb and upon cutting the cap with my scissors I tested the draw. The draw was absolutely perfect. The wrapper, dark and smooth with only a couple of slightly visible veins. I toasted the foot and lit it up. The sweet spiciness flooded my palate with notes of leather and cocoa. There was a slight nuttiness to the finish and a slight sweetness on the lips. The second third brought more of the same but also a slight oak flavor with some sort of spice and a hint of pepper. The Last third picked up a tad more body to what had been on the medium-full side and I also picked up a hint of cinnamon and coffee. The flavor profile was rather complex and seemed to change with each puff. It was very well balanced and extremely enjoyable. It took me right at an hour to nub this one. The burn was even and required no touch ups, the ash held tight with a nice salt and pepper until the final third. I have not had a Sosa cigar yet that I didn't enjoy but if I had to pick my favorite Sosa it would be a tie between the Super Selection and the Underground. I may have to have a smoke-off to determine a favorite. Either way both land in my top 5 favorite cigars. you can find their site at and on twitter as @sosacigars

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