Friday, June 29, 2012

ESEE knives / Randall's Adventure & Training School of Survival


Being a southern boy from the heart of Alabama I love anything that has to do with guns, knives, and the outdoors. I discovered a brand I was unfamiliar with while surfing the twittersphere (twitter). They have some great looking knives and survival gear. Along with their line of American made knives they offer jungle survival training for those interested in learning how to survive in the adverse conditions of the jungle. To top it all off they are based in Alabama, which I found really cool. You may have seen some of their earlier knife designs produced by Ontario Cutlery under the RAT brand name. I remember growing up a knife addict collecting some of the Ontario survival and bowie knives. The contract with Ontario ended in 2007 and RAT decided to produce their own knives under the ESEE brand. I cannot review their blades at this time (I do not own one yet), but I do have a couple of them on my "Dang I want one of those" list (a very long list containing a lot more than just knives lol). My three favorites so far are the ESEE-5, ESEE-6, and the Junglas (which is pronounced Hoonglas). I love the glass breaker pommel on the ESEE-5

I have always been a fan of the larger knives, I find them to most versatile on camping trips or outings. I usually carry a large knife and a smaller fixed blade knife on camping trips, as well as a folding knife close at hand in my pocket. They will soon be offering the IZULU blade design in a very attractive folding knife. Who doesn't love a good, high-quality, folder for everyday carry?
One of my favorite survival products that they offer is the AH-1 Arrowhead wallet. It includes two of their AH-1 arrowheads with trays to protect the user and the arrowheads. These would be perfect to use as arrowheads or to make a fish spear. If I found myself stranded in the woods I would hope I had one of these on-hand. They also have MOLLE back systems and gear pouches to add to your ESEE knife sheath making it easier to carry on a MOLLE pack and providing an additional pocket for small survival tools or matches.

If you're like me and have ever lost a knife in the woods or at the campsite they also have the Venom Green line. The orange handles and stand-out green blades would make it a little easier to spot at the campsite, to ensure it doesn't get left behind.
I hope I can get my hand on one of these soon so I can review it here on the site. The build quality looks amazing with a proven reputation in the field. I also love the fact that handles are replaceable making it easy to repair if one should become broken from a little hard use. You can find them at if you're in the market for a high quality knife made in the USA. All photos borrowed from the esee knives website with permission. Find them on twitter as @ESEEKnives, Jon is a friendly guy and runs a tone of giveaways and contests on twitter. *update* I have obtained an ESEE 6 and will put it through some trials soon. This is one sexy beast of a knife. You can use the amazon widget to the right of this post to search for and purchase ESEE knives directly from my blog for your convenience.

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