Friday, June 29, 2012

Victor Sinclair Serie '55' Corojo Petites (4.0" x 30)

I like cigars but seldom do i have time to sit down with a churchill or even a toro and nub it. I decided to order some of these from cigars international. I like the cigarillo size but most of the ones you find have a machine made, homogenized wrapper and just don't have the full size cigar taste. This is an exception to both. They are hand made with a corojo wrapper. The burn on each one i have smoked has been even and needed no touch ups at all. they have the same flavor as victor sinclair's larger serie 55 corojo offering but in a smaller and more convenient size. They come out to around .30 cents a stick when it's all said and done. I ordered 100 which was 10 tins of 10 and will be ordering more. They have a sweet medium bodied flavor with cedar and earth tones. If your order 50 or 100 or even 10 and don't like them I will personally dispose of them according to strict regulations at no charge to you. I assure you they will be enjoyed.. I mean destroyed one at a time, slowly, and by fire. They are also available in a primeros flavor offering at the same pint size, the review is to follow on these.I got mine at Cigars International

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