Monday, August 27, 2012

My first cigar punch

I know, it probably seems hard to believe. I realized that the only means of getting smoke through my cigar that I have ever really used is a double guillotine cutter. My first dance with scissors came after a fellow BOTL posted something about them. So I decided to broaden my arsenal of options a bit. I still plan to buy a v cut since I don't own one or know anyone locally who has one. I browsed around for a couple of hours trying to decide on one. My options were pretty limited since my wife has put me on a very tight cigar budget. I chose this one because: 1) It is an attractive silver color and doesn't resemble a toy. 2) It was within my price range 3) It carries a lifetime warranty.

I have punched a handful of cigars with it so far, including the Reinado I wrote a review on last night. I honestly thought it would have a negative effect on draw over a cut, but there wasn't really a noticeable difference. I have had good draw and clean holes punched so far. I didn't notice any bitter tastes from extra nicotine building up at the cap either. Press the keyring end down to expose the blade, after punching simply press the button on the side and the plug shoots out.  I believe this cheaper punch will last for awhile, atleast until I can get the one I really want. The holes punched have all been super clean and not cap damage as of yet. It is certainly more convenient to have one of these on a keyring than to carry a cutter in your pocket. This particular cutter was 9.72 and shipped to me for free from Premier cigar humidors on amazon. Here is the exact link to this cutter on amazon Punch Cigar Cutter in Silver If you're like me and enjoy the cigar world on a wife-induced budget, then this is a great accessory that doesn't cost much to get your hands on.

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