Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hoyo De Monterrey Reposado en Cedros Sueno (5.25x54)

The Hoyo De Monterrey Reposado en Cedros from General Cigar caught my eye with the very attractive presentation. It has a band near the cap, as well as a band on both ends of the cedar sleeve that covers about a quarter of the body. The Inmersion process used to create these is very interesting to me. The acrylic case in the pictures is a model created to showcase how the inmersion process works. After rolling, the cigars are placed on cedar planks and covered with shavings of fragrant cedar and left to rest and mature. Now lets get to the part you're really here for, how did it smoke. The wrapper is a  yellowish-brown Ecuadorean Sumatra; the binder is Connecticut broadleaf; and the filler is Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican. The veins are small and the wrapper has a oily sheen to it. The body smelled of cedar, which is no surprise considering the Inmersion process and the cedar sleeve. The foot smelled of earth and cedar. I used my cigar punch and found a perfect draw that had a earthy spice to it. The first third brought notes of sweet cedar and an earthiness, a bit of spice on the retrohale, and a mildly sweet woody finish. Going into the second third the sweet cedar stayed the most prominent flavor as the smoke took on a more creamy texture. The spice on the retrohale is beginning to take on more of a black pepper as I progressed through the cigar. In the second half there was a hint of what resembled either onion or garlic but at this point was not pronounced enough to really get a handle on. The ash held into the second third and finally fell at close to two inches. Burn so far has required no corrections. The final third brought a slight increase to the black pepper and the before mentioned unidentifiable flavor became more of a garlic flavor. It was not akin to chewing a clove of garlic, it was very subtle and not a bad addition to the flavors at all. There was a somewhat floral tone that came in in the final third that I would have missed if not paying very close attention. The Inmersion™ process is unique to this cigar and creates a very unique flavor. The flavor profile is dominated by the sweet cedar and earth but has just enough going on in the background to keep your attention. The Burn required no touch-ups If you like a creamy, cedary, mudium body cigar this one is right up your alley. More Information on Hoyo De Monterrey can be found at

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