Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whitetail Glasstop humidor

I ran across a deal I coudn't pass up on It was for a whitetail glasstop humidor and 10 sticks for the "no freakin way" price of 29.99. That is below the regular price of the humidor alone, so I jumped at it. I received it in the mail 3 or 4 days after ordering and immediately seasoned the humidor. I also grabbed a ziplock bag and calibrated the hygrometer using the salt method. I left it to do it's thing and after returning home from work the next day it was ready to go. I left a already calibrated hygrometer in the hole while seasoning to be sure of when the RH stabilized inside. I used a crystal jar humidifier and a shotglass of distilled water to season it overnight. Some might say that is overkill but if the box was thirsty I wanted it to be able to get plenty to drink. I stuffed 50 cigars in it and waited to see if the RH would hold. 9 days later I can report it's holding at 69-70%, when I can stay out of it. It came with a divider which is my only gripe about the box. I wanted to place the divider in the middle but due to the protruding hygrometer it has to be placed just to the left or right of the unit. I know that's no big deal but it bugs me just a tad. Other than that one thing, I have no complaints. I bought cigars and the box was pretty much a freebie. I now have one more humi to add to Mount Humidor and it does it's job of protecting my sticks. Even at full price this box is worth it, in my opinion. I should mention it came with the metal ring hygrometer and a floral foam type humidifier element, which I replaced with a CI bead type element and threw the foam one in a drawer. The bead type requires less babysitting and to me just works better. The normal retail price on this box is 39.99 from Cigars International and very much worth that. It looks good, holds humidity, and I can peek in on my smokes without messing without opening the box.

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