Friday, August 24, 2012

Cigars International smiley crystal gel humidifier.

I ordered one of these for the very first humidor I purchased. It is good for 25-50 cigars a cording to the website. I was expecting the same type of gel that you find in one of their jar humidifiers but these are more of a bead. You can hear them soaking up the liquid as they crackle a bit. They swell in size and release just the right amount of moisture to keep your box sitting at 70%. I used mine first in the CI cigar bands mosaic 20 capacity humidor. When i ordered the 50 cap thar took it's place i moved it to the new one. So far RH on both boxes this has been in has remained very close to 70% (68-70). So the advertised capability is spot on. Mine now resides in a whitaile glasstop 50 cap humidor which was also purchased from CI. I only have to charge it once every couple of months, unlike the foam type that came with the box. If you have a 20-50 cap humidor and don't want to babysit the humidifier then this is a great addition. I paid somewhere around 10-12 bucks for mine and it works very well.

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