Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Michelangelo 120 Capacity humidor

Cigar Stix

I recently received one of these as a gift from my wife, who was tired of me talking about how I needed more room. She looked at "wish list" on amazon and went by the picture of one I had listed, so she didn't get it from one of my preferred shops. I seasoned it and within 24 hours it was ready to go. It is the perfect size for a desktop humidor where storage for more than 50 cigars is needed. I replaced the foam type humidifier with a xikar 250 crystal gel element and also purchased a xikar digital hygrometer. The foam elements that cam with it would be adequate until you could replace it with something better. The very light hygrometer that came with it was mostly plastic but is adjustable. The lighter hygrometer keeps it from falling off the lid like some of the metal ring units tend to do. I attached it inside of one of my 20 cap humidors when the digital unit came in for this one. The lock is always a welcomed feature for humidors in my house, due to the fact that I have a 4 year old and they resemble treasure chests. The tray is a bit more heavy duty than the trays in my 400 capacity humidor. It has a good tight seal, which is evident in dropping the lid when it is a couple of inches from being closed. You would be hard pressed to find another box of this quality for this price. I will be purchasing a couple more of these as the collection grows and the wife allows. has these for $58.00, which is a super bargain ( product link HERE. My wife paid more for mine because she didn't want to ask me about the best place to purchase from, she didn't want to ruin the surprise. The finish on mine was flawless and the bottom is lined to prevent it from scratching any surfaces you might sit it on. Mine currently resided on top of my big humidor with the two 20 caps on top of it. I like to call it Mount Humidor :) The handles are a nice touch, as the box does have some heft to it. To me, that's just another sign of quality in an item constructed of wood. If you are in the market for a box larger than a 50 or 75 cap, or looking for a good inexpensive started box, I highly recommend these. Brad also has many other inexpensive, yet high quality boxes to choose from at cigarstix. Check out his site, good prices and just an all around great guy to deal with.


  1. I am looking to upgrade to a bigger humidor since thw one I have ia small and it seems to not hold a good temp and humidity I am always moving it around thehouse so I am thinking about getting this humidor along with the oasis electronic humidifier do you think it is a good idea and the 2 will work well together?

    1. While this is a nice humidor, I believe it is a bit on the small side for an oasis humidifier. The oasis would take up entirely too much valuable real estate inside humid with the size. When I first purchased this humidor I was using a Jill type humidification system, but have since moved to cigar beans with great results. The cigar beads controlled humidity two ways to help protect against over and under humidification


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