Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Murcielago Churchill (71/8x48)

I picked this interesting stick up at my local B&M (Cigars and Fine Spirits) one day as I browsed the selection in the walk-in. It's dark wrapper and the bat on the band caught my eye, I figured it would be worth a try. Murcielago is spanish for bat, thus the bat on the band. This stick has been in the humidor for about 4 months, I honestly had forgotten about it. The seams were invisible on the dark Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper. Inside is a Mexican binder, surrounding a Nicaraguan filler. Murcielago is from EO Brands and was created by Erik Espinosa and Eddie Ortega, with help from Don Pepin Garcia. With those three names involved it has to be good, right? It was box pressed but not the sharpest angles, creating more of an oval shape. The body had a barnyard scent and at the foot, the smell of rich sweet tobacco. The veins were very minimal and the wrapper had so imperfections. It was tightly packed with no soft spots that I could find. I clipped the cap with my scissors and the cold draw was just a tad on the tight side of perfect, with the taste of sweet tobacco. Two matches later and the foot was toasted and I was smoking. The Initial third opened with a fair amount of spice with notes of earth, leather, and cream. The spice did calm a bit after the first inch or so as a fruit-like sweetness came and went. The gray ash held for about two inches between ashes. The second third took on more buttery, toasty notes with the pepper finish getting some nuttiness as well. The flavor profile seemed to lose steam entering the final third, there were no real notable changes. The butter notes became more pronounced as the pepper picked back up just a tad with some light oaky notes. It was an enjoyable cigar with great flavors. I usually try to stick to cigars that are Toro size or smaller but only saw this one in the churchill size. In my opinion, a churchill's burn usually outlives it's flavor profile's complexity. The construction quality is nothing short of excellent, which is not a surprise considering the names involved in it's creation. I believe this one was around 7.00 bucks at my local shop for this size, which is about what you would expect for this cigar. Would I buy again? Yes, in fact, I may stop in tomorrow and see if I can pick up a couple of robusto.




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