Sunday, August 19, 2012

Z-Plus butane zippo insert

I have a few zippo lighters lying around from my days as a cigarette smoker. One of which is a limited run Harley Davidson with flames, I loved that lighter. I would never use a zippo to light my cigar, remembering the flavor it imparted to my cigarette. I found the flavor to be favorable with cigarettes but do not want it tainting my precious cigar. So now the question was, what to do with the small zippo collection. I saw the Z-Plus insert a few times on amazon and thought it was a neat idea. After reading a couple of reviews stating that they worked fairly well, I figured why not. The unit was about 12 bucks and shipped for free, so if it really sucked i'm not out a heck of a lot. I received it a few days ago and have lit three of four cigars so far. It was tricky to get adjusted, very small adjustments worked best. I initially charged it with some cheaper butane, which my other torches burn fine. The cheap stuff (Ronson) just didn't seem to cut it in this unit. I purchased some xikar butane and purged it of the ronson. It now works flawlessly for the most part. You can find the z-plus and a couple of different brands, I can only speak for the z-plus so far. It doesn't have the largest fuel tank but is good for toasting and light 5 or 6 cigars before needing a refill. This particular one is a single flame but I did see a different brand that offered a double flame torch. To me, the double would just blast through fuel too fast and the single hasn't let me down yet. If you have a zippo laying around and want to use it on cigars I highly recommend this unit. I will post a couple of pictures of mine. I made a quick link to the insert listing on amazon and you should be able to see it on the right bar of the blog.

A zippo holster I already had makes carry easy

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