Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paul Stulac Angel Brazilian Maduro (5x58)

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I recently won a few of the Paul Stulac cigars on twitter, as they were having a giveaway once a certain number of followers was reached. They announced I was the winner of the first giveaway and I couldn't wait to get these in the humidor. I had seen them online and the band was the first thing that caught my eye. It is adorned with a crest, skulls, angels wings, a cross, and a pair of crossed scepters. I have to say this is the most bad ass, I mean business cigar band I've ever laid my eyes on. The stated ring gauge was 58 but I would honestly have to say close to 54. The cigar appears to have been lightly box pressed, which the 58 could have been the measurement before the pressing. The chocolaty Brazilian maduro wrapper had a few very small veins but was satin smooth to the touch. If there were any flaws in the wrapper I certainly didn't see them. The wrapper had a barnyard smell to it and the foot smelled of rich, sweet tobacco. I clipped the cap with scissors and removed the band at the foot, which had the size name imprinted in gold. The pre light draw was near perfect and had a slightly sweet earthy tone to it. It lit very easy after toasting with my single flame torch. The first third started out medium in body with notes of toasted nuts and a bit of spice complimenting a sweet cedar core. The finish was a bit sweet and had a nutty flavor to it. The ash was a nice light gray/white and was nice and tight. The second third brought more of the sweet cedar and as the toasted nuttiness started to fade, notes of cocoa and an occasional hint of light coffee took it's place. Somewhere around half way through the second third the smoke became more creamy and the spice kicked up a notch. The ash held to about 2.5" and actually fell as a result of me trying to scoot the band back. The body went from medium to medium-full at the midpoint of the cigar. At the midpoint the finish lost most of it's sweetness but maintained the nuttiness. Going into the final third the spice kicked up just a tad more as notes of leather and the sweet cedar dominated the profile with a hint of something resembling caramel, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. This was a very enjoyable smoke with flawless burn (zero retouches and no erratic burn at all) and excellent construction. The flavor profile was pretty complex and maintained the sweet cedar throughout which complimented the spice perfectly. I will have to add this to my normal rotation for sure as soon as space in the humidor (and the bank account and wife) allow. You can find out more about the Paul Stulac line at, you can also find them on facebook and on twitter. My friend Brad Bortz at has given me a coupon code for my readers to use. The code is SHAGGYSTULAC and is good for 10% off your Paul Stulac Cigar purchase. Be sure to get your order in while the coupon code is valid (ends 8/3/12). Thanks again Paul Stulac Cigars for the opportunity to give these great cigars a try and to Brad Bortz for offering me and my readers this discount at your online store.

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