Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jungle Smoke (4.5x various)

Jungle SmokesI was generously sent a few of the Jungle smokes a few weeks back by Capitalist Pig Marketing as a thank you for a referral. I knew they were sending some Roxor Deluxe but they threw a few of these in as a surprise. I have to admit the back story behind the brand is pretty interesting. Their tobacco is claimed to be made from the original tobacco cultivated by the Mayan Indians. They are made in a small village in honduras and are "free-hand" rolled from three types of tobacco. Ok now to what you really want to know, was it any good. I smoked three of these before writing this review. I will admit the first one (about 2 days of rest after arriving) wasn't very good. I stuck the other two that I had in the humidor and left them be for about 6 weeks. This really helped to unlock the flavor profile on these. The wrapper was a light brown color and very matte with no shine. Pre-light the body had the aroma of hay and the draw was very easy just as I expected it to be. They are fairly loosed rolled with bumps and veins on the wrapper. Draw pre-light had the flavor of hay and a oaky nuttiness. It lit easy with a single flame torch. The first third had notes of bitter coffee, coffee, and a hint of slightly sweet field grass. The ash only held for about a half inch at a time, which I also expected with the loose "free-hand" roll. The second third brought notes of leather and a hint of sweet spice and pepper, which continued into the final third. There was a slight sweetness to the peppery retrohale. The burn was surprisingly even with only a few minor corrections throughout the burn. The body was mild-medium for the first third but kicked up to a solid medium for the final two-thirds of the burn. It produced an ample amount of smoke and the burn time was about an hour. You can find these at for 1.60-2.00 per stick. They are available in a 4 pack if you would like to have a "smoke on the wild side" for yourself. I would recommend letting these rest for a couple of weeks before firing one up. Final judgement: After a little rest these were enjoyable smokes for the price point, I've certainly had worse. This would be a great stick for yard work, the wrapper is strong and can stand up to a good chewing. You can also find Jungle Smokes on twitter

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