Thursday, July 26, 2012

Android app *UPDATED*

I like keeping up with my favorite blogs but usually have to view them on my android phone. I have yet to find a good browser for doing this, it seems to crash most of them. I have a solution for android users who like to follow my blog, how about an android app. It takes the mobile version of this blog and streamlines it for easier and faster viewing. You can find the download here . This is the first release but i hope to have a more feature packed app developed soon. I hope you will download it and check it out. Let me know if you encounter any bugs or if it force closes on startup on your device. Keep em toasty!
I Figured i would mention the app is FREE and contains NO ads to annoy you.

I received an email yesterday from the Amazon app store and my app was accepted for distribution on their store site. I checked today and it is listed, active, and ready to be downloaded. A search for "cigar" or "shaggy feetz" will land you at the download location.

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