Thursday, September 20, 2012

Xikar MTX Multi-Tool


I saw one of these on a fellow BOTL's Instagram feed for the first time several months back and thought it looked pretty sweet. I have been on the search for the perfect cigar scissor with very little luck. I have been using a pair of Visol scissors but they have some age on them and just don't make as good of a cut as they used to. It's not that the Visol scissors are getting dull because I have sharpened them, they are getting some play in the joint that I can't seem to eliminate. I marinated the idea of getting the MTX for awhile before actually ordering one. I couldn't decide on a color since they come in bead blast, chrome, black, and gold. I finally broke down and ordered the bead blast finish. I expected it to be a bit larger that it is but that's not a bad thing at all. The Xikar site says they can handle up to a 54 ring gauge cigar and I rarely go with anything larger than that unless it's a 60 by Sosa. I received them in the mail last week and have decapitated about half a dozen cigars with them so far with excellent results. It fold up for convenient pocket carry and upon registering it online (or by snail mail) Xikar will send you a leather pouch to store them in. I haven't received the pouch yet but I registered them last night so that it should ship out soon. They carry the Xikar lifetime warranty so you can have confidence that if it fails to function they will fix it. Of the cutters I own this was the sharpest out of the box and I don't see me needing to address sharpening for quite some time. They feature a small cigar poker, a cigar box opener, bottle opener, and a small screwdriver. I read on one review that the screwdriver didn't fit the adjustment screw on most torches, It has fit every torch I have with a little finesse. At .2 inches thick and weighing in at a mere ounce it is super convenient for pocket carry or to carry on a keychain with the provided keychain ring. My only regret about ordering the MTX was that I didn't do it sooner. If you are in the market for a cigar cutter and want a perfect cut in a super convenient size, don't delay in ordering one of these. This is probably the best cigar accessory purchase I've made this year. Now I want to get a double guillotine cutter and a torch to go with the MTX, so it's back to trying to decide on which ones. They have a rather impressive selection to choose from and all are backed by their lifetime warranty.



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