Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vertigo Impact Torch Lighter

Vertigo Impact Torch Lighter'

I am not new to torch lighters, but it wasn't until a year or so ago I purchased my first "cigar" torch lighter. I used a variety of torches working in the automotive industry. I still have one that was originally designed to seal heat shrink wire splices. It has been working hard for more than 10 years. When I ordered my second humidor I ordered the kit from Cigars International that came with a crystal gel humidifier jar, a cigar bands mosaic humidor (20 cap), and a lighter. The lighter that it came with was the Vertigo Impact Torch Lighter. It is a rugged looking lighter with a notch to tie a length of paracord to or to place on a keyring and carabiner clip. It has a metal and rubberized finish. It even has a small reflective surface inside the lid so you can get a peek at the foot of your cigar while lighting. I find this to be my go to lighter to take to work or camping. It has a small viewing window to keep an eye on the butane level and produces a sharp blue flame. It is a single flame torch so it doesn't consume butane by the gallon and has lit every time I have clicked the button to ignite it. I have been using mine for close to a year with no hiccups. So far it has burned every type of butane I have fed it. I had a can of the cheaper Ronson fuel left over from my mechanic days and it ate through the entire can with no issues. The price point on this one is about 15 bucks if purchased alone from Cigars International. At that price it makes perfect sense to take it camping or into adverse conditions rather than a more expensive lighter you don't want to lose or risk breakage. You can find it on Cigars International's website HERE


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