Friday, September 7, 2012

Don Lino Africa Kuro (4x45)

Don Lino Africa

I have seen the Don Lino Africa in a few catalogs from various merchants and always thought to myself it looked tasty but wasn't sure about them. That was honestly my mistake and I regret not getting these at some of the absurd prices I have previously seen them at. I picked up a few of these in a sampler and after smoking the first couple of them I had to know more about them. I quick search revealed that these are from Miami Cigar & Company and blended by Nestor Miranda. The Africa was actually inspired by a trip to Africa that Nestor Miranda had taken. This is the smallest of the sizes measuring in at 4x45 but don't let the small size fool you. The light brown Habana seed Nicaraguan wrapper covers a Nicaraguan binder and filler from Africa, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. The wrapper had a few decent sized veins but nothing that should cause a crazy burn. The wrapper had a mild hay scent and the foot smelled of sweet tobacco with a hint of cocoa. I clipped the cap with my scissors and found a perfect draw with a light cocoa note. It lit easy with my single flame torch. I have to say that I underestimated this little guy, it is FULL of flavor. The first half of the cigar had notes of coffee and leather with just a bit of fruit-like sweetness and a oaky woodiness. The retrohale offered some nice spice that lingered on the tongue and throat. This was huge surprise in the area of flavor, it is a truly is a little flavor bomb. Somewhere around 3/4 of an inch into it, the spice on the retrohale calmed down a notch and flavors really started to pop out at you. In the second half the fruit-like sweetness takes on more of a pear flavor with the leather and coffee notes still present. The cocoa still made an occasional appearance in the second third but was less noticeable. The ash was a medium-dark gray and held pretty tight for about an inch at a time. It maintained a medium to medium-full body and was absolutely full flavor. Despite it's small size, burn time was close to an hour and burn itself was near flawless and required no retouches. The price point on these in the Kuro size is usually around 5 bucks a stick. At the time of this review has a box of 40 listed at 79.00 which is less than 2 bucks per stick. I should note that most sizes other than the Kuro are sold out at the time of this review. I can't believe this stick doesn't get more mention than it does, I found it to be well made and super flavorful. I will definitely be getting more of these, especially in this perfect little size. For more information on Nestor Miranda and his brands go to The link to Don Lino Africa on CI is HERE



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