Thursday, September 20, 2012

Padilla Maduro Robusto (5x50)

I like Padilla cigars, maduro wrappers, and discount email notifications. When I got an email from Cigars International telling me they had a bundle of Padilla Maduro cigars for 25.00 I had to jump on it. I have already smoked through over half the bundle so the time to get a review up has come. The Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper houses a Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. The dark, oily wrapper has a rustic look with small to medium size veins but nothing that should alter burn. It is firm to the squeeze with just a little give and no soft spots that I could find. The body had a barnyard aroma and the foot offered the smell of sweet tobacco with a bit of cocoa. I clipped the cap with my scissors and found the cold draw to be near perfect with a sweet tobacco flavor. It was effortless to light after toasting with my single flame torch. The Initial third opened up with a rich tobacco core and notes of coffee and leather. There was some black pepper to the retrohale that complimented the mild sweetness of the maduro wrapper nicely. The finish is lingering and nutty. In the scond third the leather notes move the background as notes of dark chocolate join the rich tobacco and coffee. I noticed a few earthy notes that seemed to come and go in the second third. In the final third the coffee and dark chocolate notes are still in the foreground as most of the leather notes have faded away. The final third also brought light notes of mildly sweet cedar and cinnamon to the profile. This is a pretty straight forward cigar, offering some complexity to it's core flavors of leather and dark chocolate. It maintained a consistent medium body throughout the burn and produced ample amount of smoke. The burn was near perfect on every one of these I have smoked, requiring maybe 3 touch-ups over the course of 13 or 14 sticks. If you are looking for a medium body stick with some mild sweetness and spice, a decently complex flavor profile, and excellent construction you should give these a go. I have seen them on a few other sites for around bucks a stick, which is about right for this stick. If you keep an eye out on Cigars International they may get some more of these in and put them on discount. At 25 bucks for a bundle of 20 I really wish I had ordered more. You can find more information about Padilla Cigars at Be sure to check out there new lines that should be hitting shelves soon, if they haven't already. They are also on twitter at http:/



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