Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why do You save your cigar bands?

My wife asked me awhile back, why I saved all my cigar bands. I have to admit I didn't really have an explanation at the time that would make sense to her, so I thought about it for awhile. A cigar is a product of someone's dream and vision. It often takes years to perfect a new blend and get it ready for consumer consumption. I imagine the same amount of care and consideration goes into making the band for that cigar as well. I doubt it takes as much time to design a band as it does to perfect the blend, but it has to reflect the brand and the passion of the brand. Each cigar is a hand-rolled work of art, and most bands are very ornate and beautiful. I have a few bands that I would someday like to have turned into a cigar band ring, they are just that nice to look at. One of the biggest and most beautiful bands I have seen are on the La Sirena cigars, they are so intricate.
I see the band on the cigar as an inheritance, the only thing the cigar could leave me as it ended it's time here on earth. They also serve as a reminder of the smoking experience. As I go through my bands left behind by smokes from days gone by, I get to relive those moments in my mind. My wife sees it as collecting trash that should be in the refuse can, I see it as collecting art. I have also wrote notes on the back of a cigar band about the cigar when I had no other paper. It is a small space but at least you can write good or bad, so you will be able to easily note those not worth smoking again. So the next time your wife wants you to toss your cigar band collection, just ask her if she would throw away a fine piece of art. Mine has realized it is not a battle that she will win, and the bands are here to stay. I do keep them neat and out of the way in a couple of old 50 count cigar boxes. I could go into why I keep all my cigar boxes, but the reasons are pretty much the same as the bands. To each his own, but I will be holding on to my boxes and bands. I had thought about keeping all the cellophane too just to see what she would say, but I thought that might be taking it just a but too far. Until the next post, keep your ashes long and the smoke rising.


  1. Thanks for the informative post. I'm sort of a beginner when it comes to cigars, but I'm looking to become more of a connoisseur. So far I've only had the cigars you would get at a corner store, like swisher sweets and I've never been to a proper smoke shop. what would you suggest as my first cigar?

  2. Sorry it has taken me awhile to follow up on this one. I would say stick with a mild or mild-medium bodied smoke for your first cigar. If you frequently use tobacco in any other form, you shouldnt have a problem with the nicotine content making you feel queasy. There are many good, mild cigars on the market now. The auric perfectum by sosa cigars is milder and full of flavor. I also enjoyed the E.P. Carillo new wave connecticut as a milder option. Some other great starting points would be the Espinosa Connecticut or even the habano. If you find that smoking a cigar with more body makes your stomach a little unsettled, you can try eating a teaspoon of brown sugar just before beginning your smoke. My brother swears by the brown as a method of preventing nausea. I would suggest staying away from the temptation to order the huge bulk boxes of mixes filler cigars that some online vendors offer. I made the mistake of ordering several hundred cigars for around 80the cents each. My brain told me that all cigars were created equal, but my palate has proved it wrong time and time again. If there are any other questions i can assist with, don't hesitate to post a comment or even shoot me an email. Cigar smoking is all about the pleasure and relaxation you get from the smoking experience, so experiment with different brands and blends until tou find what is best to you.


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