Sunday, June 9, 2013

Black Ops Kilo Triple Flame Lighter

I ordered a bundle of the Gurkha Black Ops cigars awhile back and got a lighter free. Most of the freebie lighters from CI are Xikar and well worth getting whatever the combo is to acquire the lighter. I have seen the black ops travel cases and lighters and have been curious for awhile about how they would perform. With that being said here are my opinions, for what they are worth, on the Black Ops Kilo lighter. 

The Kilo is a fairly hefty torch with a built-in punch and triple flame jets. The fit and finish is nice, giving the appearance of quality construction. I usually prefer a single flame torch, as I feel it gives me more control of my toasting and lighting. The double and triple flame lighters just seem to burn through fluid too fast for me. There is a door that covers the jets when not in use, and it slides out of the way upon activating the igniter switch. The kilo, as well as most of the Black Ops lighters, is available in multiple color options. The colors have a militaristic theme to them with matte black, OD green, arctic white, desert sand being a few I have seen online. The one I have is a "black out" with a black on black color scheme.

When I first received the lighter I purged before filling even though it shipped empty, always seemed like a good idea to keep with the habit. The lighter filled with no problems and lit on the first try. I did have to adjust the flame before actually using it or I would have burned my cigar to the ground. The cigar punch, I am not sure what size, is a nice added feature. I have been using the lighter for several months and have filled it a couple dozen times with no problems. The punch is sharp and creates a nice clean hole every time I have used it.

Final verdict is that this is a nice lighter. It wouldn't be fair for me not to mention though that I have seen this lighter branded with a different name before. A google or amazon search for jobon triple flame torch will yield results that look identical. They are most likely the the same lighter but at different prices. So if you want a nice triple flame torch with a built in cutter with a militaristic color scheme grab a Black Ops. If you don't care what color it is as long as it works, you can save some money by buying the one without the Black Ops name. But if you are like me and like tactical and military stuff, you will want the official Black Ops version. Depending on which option you choose and where you buy, you can pick one of these up for 8-30 bucks. I personally, wouldn't pay 30+ bucks for this when I could get a lifetime warranted Xikar lighter. As a freebie or if i run across in the 15 dollr range, I would buy another. Only time will tell if this lighter will last for awhile or not, but for now I am pleased. I keep this lighter in my work bag so I don't have to carry a lighter and a cutter to work.

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