Thursday, May 30, 2013

Xikar Stratosphere Single Flame Torch Lighter

The Xikar Stratosphere is one of my favorite lighters when I am on the go. It is labeled as a high altitude lighter on their website, but I am sure it performs well at any elevation. The stratosphere has a large butane viewing window,so there is no guessing when you need a refill. The lid that closes over the top of the lighter is sturdy and seats well to the body of the lighter. This is a huge plus for me since I work in the great out of doors, and on occasion I have to dig in the dirt. The lid closes tight enough that even the smallest particle of debris that enters my pocket doesn't find it's way into my lighter. The lanyard attachment point makes it super easy to keep up with in my work truck. I often attach a wallet chain or retractable key keeper to it when I smoke with my buddies, too many have tried to pocket my stratosphere. The large adjustment knob makes adjusting the flame a breeze, without tools or hassle. The flame on this lighter isn't as super sharp as some of the other Xikar lighters I own. I actually find this a plus. It covers more area of the foot of the cigar without being as intense at the tip of the flame. It can be easily dialed down to a very small flame for minor touch ups, which will help if you tend to scorch the wrapper. This particular lighter was sent to me by Fred Rewey of Nomad Cigar Co. as part of a prize pack for the nomad poster contest. Thanks Fred! This is one of my favorite lighters. The Stratosphere is available in four colors and is a great addition to any cigar lighter collection, or as a lighter to take camping. It is listed at just under 30 bucks on Xikar's website and carries the Xikar For Life warranty.


  1. I may have to invest in one of these. It sounds like something I could use. My Black Ops, which is supposed to be tough is falling apart.

    1. Bruce it is a great lighter! I have 3 black ops lighters and enjoy using them, but I don't believe they are near the quality of the Xikar. One of the black ops lighters I have (review coming soon) is an identical clone of another brand, that or it was manufactured by the other brand for black ops. At least with Xikar, you have the lifetime warranty. You may have to send it back one day for repair but you know it will come back to you in working order.l

  2. Wow! This lighter looks really high quality. Imagine lighting somebodies cigarette with that bad-boy! And I agree, BrBruce. It really does look like a Black Ops lighter.
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