Friday, December 7, 2012

Thurman Thomas Connecticut Toro (6x52)

This is the second of the Thurman Thomas cigars I was sent for review by StogieBoys. I have to admit I wasn't as excited about the Connecticut as I was the Maduro, my mistake lol. Lately I have been smoking more Connecticut wrapped sticks, it's only fair to include them on the site, and I have found many excellent and flavorful sticks. This is one of those Connecticut wrapped stogies that you won't be bored with or wonder where is the flavor. The wrapper on the Connecticut reminded me of mocha and had a oily sheen and light tooth. The veins were small and the seams were smooth. Like the Maduro, this is a well constructed stick made in the General Cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper doesn't offer much of a smell, save for some very light notes of hay and cocoa and the aroma at the foot is of hay a well. The samples I received were both a bit spongy but had no soft spots or flaws that I could find. I used the StogieBoys V-cutter on the Connecticut, just as I did with the Maduro. The draw was just a tad more free than I usually like but still well within my tolerances. The cold draw offered notes of mildly sweet field grass and hay.
The initial third opens up with tons of flavor with notes of coffee and some light caramel notes jumping out front. Surprisingly the Connecticut offers a bit more peppery zing, especially on the retrohale, than the maduro. The finish is moderate and has a leathery crispness to it. About 3/4 of an inch in the peppery spice calms a bit as the smoke become more creamy. Going into the second third a toasted nuttiness joins the coffee and caramel as a herby spice jumps in on occasion. As I started into the final third the creaminess becomes more hearty and savory. The peppery spice that was present in the first third has made a comeback. It isn't overpowering at all but does leave a nice tingle in the nose and on the sides of the tongue. The coffee notes move to the background as notes of leather and a piney woodiness move in to finish the burn. This was a great stick, consistently medium body and full flavor throughout the burn just like the maduro. This is a Connecticut wrapped stick with more than enough body to satisfy the seasoned smoker. The Maduro and Connecticut have similar flavors, but the way they present themselves are different. Ash held to just over an inch at a time and only one minor burn correction was needed. The Connecticut and Maduro are different enough in flavor profiles to warrant giving both a go. Construction on both was excellent and both were equally enjoyable. The price point on the Connecticut is also around 3.60 per stick, giving you a very nice "bang for your buck" ratio. You can find more info on Thurman Thomas and his cigars at and you will only find his cigars on Thanks again to Sheryl and the great team at StogieBoys for providing the samples for the review. I highly recommend trying both blends in the Thurman Thomas line. Both are available as a single, bundles of 25, and boxes of 25. The Maduro review can be found HERE

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