Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Cigar Lover

Cigar smokers are the easiest and the hardest people to buy for when it comes to your holiday shopping list. If you're unsure of what their favorite brand, strength, wrapper type, etc... buying them cigars can be worrisome business. There is always a safe alternative with accessories and even sampler packs. If you purchase them a cigar sampler, they have more than one cigar to choose from and may even have an opportunity to try a cigar that is new to them. With cigar accessories you could be overwhelmed if you are a non-smoker buying for someone who is. I have put together a small list that hopefully will help in the search for a great gift to give that special cigar lover on your list.

Any cigar smoker will tell you that there is no such thing as too many humidors, or a big enough humidor (unless they have a walk-in in their home). The great thing about humidors is you don't have to spend a ton of money to get one that does it's job well and is attractive. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the product on a site for purchase

The Dakkota Jet Black 120 is a very handsome box that will hold up to 120 cigars. It includes a pair of cigar scissors that attach to the lid by a magnet that is mounted inside the lid. The externally viewed hygrometer allows you to keep an eye on the humidity inside without having to open the box. The included Humidifier elements mount flush with the lid and there is a lock to keep children and unwelcome stogie snatchers out. has these for 139.00 and it is sure to please any cigar lover.

Another beautiful box is the Napoleon No.II. It features a glass top, pull out drawers, externally viewable hygrometer, and a plate that can be engraved with the recipients name. If you really wanted to customize a box like this you can use etching cream and a vinyl mask to etch a logo or name into the glass. This box is available on for 99.95 and will hold up to 150 cigars.
This is one I have to admit I have on my wish list I gave my wife for Christmas this year. This is a cool ashtray that comes with a cigar punch and guillotine cutter. It folds up for easy storage or to take with you if you go somewhere. has these for 39.00 and if my wife doesn't stuff one of these in my stocking I'm going to buy one for myself.
The Stinky Jr is a great ashtray for someone who smokes alone or prefers to have their own ashtray when smoking with others. If you have seen any of my reviews, you may have noticed I have one of these myself. It has one stirrup to sit a cigar on between puffs and is a very attractive ashtray. StogieBoys has these for just under 13 bucks.
If you know a smoker that has a smoking lounge or man cave, cigar art to decorate it would make a great gift. There are many options from cigar photography to paintings. Some of the finest I have seen are by Alberto Godoy. has many paintings by Godoy available on museum quality, acid free paper and on canvas. Prices vary depending on the size and medium chosen.

The Xikar MTX multi-tool, which I own and have reviewed here on the site, is one of the best cigar scissors I have found. It is one of my favorite cigar accessories and is very useful. There is a small screwdriver blade for adjusting the flame on a torch lighter, a small poker to help free up a tight draw, bottle opener, and a cigar box opener tool. The whole thing folds up for convenient pocket carry and carries a lifetime warranty. The scissor blades are EXTREMELY sharp and give a smooth cut every time. has the MTX multi-tool for about 33 bucks. If you're cigar lover doesn't have one, they would love one. 
The Football cigar is a unique cigar gift for the football and cigar lover on your list. They are available in a mild body Connecticut shade wrapper or a medium bodied Maduro wrapper. carries these and they are available as a single in it's own box or in boxes of 3. Prices range from 19.99 to 39.99 and would be a great way to celebrate your favorite team's victory.

Speaking of football, if you read my previous reviews of the Thurman Thomas cigars then this might peak your interest. has a Thurman Thomas gift set available for 65 bucks. The set includes 10 of the Thurman Thomas cigars in either Connecticut or Maduro, an engraved 10 capacity humidor, and an autographed photo of Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas himself. If you know a cigar loving football fan, especially one who is a fan of Thurman Thomas, this is a great gift idea. 
These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Most cigar lovers I know follow the notion that they can never have enough cigars, cutters, lighters, humidors, or anything else cigar related. I hope this has given you some gift ideas if you were struggling.

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