Monday, December 10, 2012

Boy's Night Giveaway Sponsored by StogieBoys

As noted in the reviews of the Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame cigar reviews, I was sent a pretty sweet prize pack to giveaway by the awesome folks at I am finally getting a chance to get the details posted and get th giveaway started. Like the two previous reviews, I will be using rafflecopter. If you're already following @StogieBoys on twitter and have "Liked" their page on facebook you ahead of the game. The prize pack consists of a StogieBoys T-Shirt, a deck of StogieBoys branded playing cards, a "SB" etched beer (or whatever you should decide to fill it with) pint glass, a StogieBoys V-Cutter (like the one pictured in a few of my reviews), a StogieBoys pocket guide, a book of StogieBoys matches, and of course some cigars. Why call it a Boys Night giveaway? It's everything you will need for a boys night. If you win you will have almost everything you need for a guys poker night. A sampler of cigars, a beer glass, a shirt to wear, cards to deal, a cutter, and some matches. That just about covers it right? Now get those entries in so I can give this stuff away before it gets too comfortable at my house ;-) Good luck to all who enter! I believe this one is going to run for a 1.5-2 weeks. 2 weeks puts the giveaway to end on Christmas Eve. What better way to celebrate a cigar giveaway victory than with a Guys Night after the chaotic Christmas Season.

Cigar sampler: Retail 39.99
T-Shirt: Retail 25.00
Pint glass: Retail: 15.00
V-Cutter: Retail: 6.00 each
SB playing cards: Retail 9.00
Add it all up and this prize pack would retail for a little over 70 bucks. That is a pretty sweet prize pack if you ask me. My inner cigar weasel says keep it, but it must find a new home.
The cigars are listed below

Casa Magna Pairing Sampler - 5 pack (a 39.99 retail value)

This exclusive sampler is a combination of Casa Magna with complimenting cigars that will have your senses peaked! If you love cigars (which I’m sure you do) this sampler gives you the taste you’re looking for without the repetitive selection.
Casa Magna Colorado Churchill
Casa Magna Domus Magnus Optimus
Liga IV Almirate Corona
Padilla Hybrid Robusto
Roll Back MD Toro


  1. @garrycawthorn Sweet Giveaway!! Thanks for the chance..

  2. Nice job, DA and StogieBoys! Always looking for a way to get more of my local friends into the hobby and this will be a great way to spread the enthusiasm I have for cigars!

  3. This is a great giveaway guys, thanks for running the contest.

  4. Nice job guys! You're really killing it lately! Contests and reviews. Awesome! ~@007MI6_

  5. Pretty awesome prize pack. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Great giveaway guys!!!

  7. This would be perfect for our Poker Nights, that we are starting.

  8. @shoeboss60601 I think it would make for great cigars for an evening of smoking and joking with my buds.

  9. Thanks guys and gals! I know I could sure use a guy's night... I love my family but sometimes to really buck the stress of work and being a responsible adult, you just have to have some bro time. I think I will call the boys up this weekend and either have a card game or go shoot some pool.

  10. Really like to thank Stogie Boys for the chance to win!! And thank you to shaggyfeetz!! Looks like someone will be happy happy happy!!

  11. Thanks for the contest guys!

  12. Thanks for the contest! A great prize to share with the guys at the cigar shop.

  13. Thanks for the contest Josh and Stogie Boys. Would be nice to see this.

  14. To introduce new guys to the hobby, thanks for running this!


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