Friday, November 9, 2012

Pinar Del Rio Reserva Limitada 2010 Robusto (5.5x54)

I promised in my review of the Pinar Del Rio Oscuro that I had more PDR sticks to review. Making good on that promise, here is the second stick of the PDR sampler I picked up from Cigars International. The Reserva Limitada is said to be the most complex of the PDR line, so let's see how it smokes. Like all PDR smokes, the band is very detailed and attractive. The milk chocolate brown Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper has some oil and a bit of tooth to it.  The binder is a Dominican Criollo and the filler is comprised of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. There are no visible flaws and the body is firm with just a touch of give. There were a couple of decent sized veins but nothing that should affect the burn. The wrapper offers very little scent and the foot offered some sweet and almost floral notes. I clipped the cap with my Xikar MTX and found a near perfect draw with notes of cherry and a light nuttiness. I used my handy single flame torch to get the foot toasted and get this cigar started. The first third opens with a ton of complex flavors including leather, coffee, and an earthy spice. The finish is creamy and mild with notes of caramel. There were a few faint notes of cherry that came and went in the first third also. The second third brought some notes of dark chocolate and oak with the coffee and earthy spice still present. leather notes are started to fade into the background as I made my way through the second third. In the final third the oaky notes became more of a cedar as the earthy spice moved into the foreground. The leather and dark chocolate notes also remained through the final third and the coffee notes were still present but very faint. This cigar produced tons of smoke even at rest. The body remained medium-full and flavor full throughout the burn, and burn required no corrections despite going a bit wavy at times. All that said, this was a complex smoke. It's complexity was not so much the amount of flavors noted but in the way that they presented themselves. This is my favorite of the Pinar Del Rio line I have tried so far. I look forward to giving the remaining few I have a go. You can find more information on Pinar Del Rio at and on twitter at The price point on these is somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-7 bucks and is sure to please.

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