Monday, November 26, 2012

Cusano P1 Maduro 606 (6x60) and Churchill (7.5x50)

I was sent some more sticks to review by the fine people at They sent me a sampling of the Cusano P1 in the 606 and Churchill size. From the makers of the Cusano 18 comes a budget friendly stick call the P1. The P1 is a mixed filler cigar, but if you're like me it doesn't matter as long as it performs. how does it perform you ask? Well that is why you are here, isn't it. At first glance the P1 has a rustic look, with a oily sheen on the milk-chocolate brown Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The veins are, for the most part, small and smooth. Inside the wrapper lies a mix of long and short filler Dominican tobaccos. The body offers the aroma of hay and barnyard and the foot smells of rich tobacco and some good sweetness. Despite the mixed filler the cigar was firm and well packed with no soft spots to be found. I used my handy StogieBoys V cutter to cut the double cap and found a perfect draw with notes of hay and sweet field grass. I used a single flame torch to toast the foot and get things going with no problems.
The first third of the 606 opens with some rich coffee notes accented by notes of cocoa. There is a very pleasant sweetness from the maduro wrapper and just enough spice to balance it out. The finish is long and nutty and the sweetness lingers on the palate as well. At about an inch in the spice kicks it up a notch and really works well with the sweet component. As I go into the second third there are some nutty pecan notes starting to emerge. The sweetness sees a boost in the second third to round the spice out even further. The coffee notes faded just a bit in the second third giving the pecan nuttiness the spotlight. Until the mid-point the cigar has been on the medium side, but at the mid-point body kicks up to a med-full. Going into the final third there are some woody oak notes that come to my attention, as well as some leather. The nutty pecan notes fade giving the oak and leather the spotlight for awhile. There was an occasional honey-like note that jumped in in the final third, but it was fleeting and infrequent. The ash was a bit flaky but held tight for about an inch and a half at a time. There were only a couple of minor burn corrections and ample amounts of tasty smoke were produced. The final verdict from me is that this is a winner. I'm not one to turn my nose up to a budget stick, especially one that can perform where it counts. The review really applies to both sizes, as there were no major flavor differences between the two. I, personally, enjoyed the 606 just a bit more than the churchill. StogieBoys offers the P1 in three sizes: Robusto, Churchill, and the 606. Prices range from 2.65 for the Robusto to 3.25 for the 606, making this a budget friendly stick that is tasty to boot. You can find more info on Cusano Cigars at . You can find the P1 on in singles and bundles of 20. The direct link to the 606 bundle is HERE and the Churchill is HERE. If you like a cigar with a good maduro sweetness with just enough spice to round it out, I recommend giving the P1 a go. Grab a single and i bet you'll wish you had ordered a bundle. Thank you again to Sheryl and the fine folks at StogieBoys for providing the sticks for this review, they were great!

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  1. Great review, I need to pick some of those up!


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