Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vapes Gone Wild

The vaping revolution has made a believer out of me, I have found it very enjoyable to be honest. I have tried a variety of e-juices and been in numerous vape shops and have finally found perfection. If you vape or you're interested in vaping you should check out or even better stop by if you're in Newnan or Lagrange Georgia. I have loved every juice I have tried from them and their prices and staff are second to none. The knowledgable staff will answer any questions you may have and offer suggestions on flavors or gear if you need help making a decision. Below are the juices I have tried so far and a brief description of each. I will be adding to the list as I get more of their juice. They are superb and mixed when you order so you won't get a premixed juice that has been sitting on a shelf for God only knows how long. Because of this fact some of the juices will need to rest, similar to receiving your favorite cigars right off the truck. I should note for those who don't know, throat hit is created by the percentage of pg and the nicotine level. I vape 70%PG 30%VG and have stepped down recently to 16mg of nicotine. So if the throat hit makes you choke, you can always adjust your PG/VG percentage to include more VG. 

RY4 is my favorite "tobacco" flavored juice and vapes gone wild has the best I have tried to date. It offers notes of caramel and vanilla tobacco with a smooth mild sweetness. On ocassion notes of brown sugar pop onto the palate. It has just enough throat hit to keep it interesting but is ultra smooth and flavorful.

Zombie Brains is my favorite of the fruit flavors. Not only does it have a wicked sweet name but it has a wicked good flavor as well. The best I can describe it is as a tart fruit punch. It isn't really sour, just a touch tart but with a sweetness to help round it out. If this is really what zombie brains taste like, I can't wait for the zombie apocalypse. It has a mild throat hit but would provide enough to prevent going back to analogs for the throat hit feeling.

Dragon spit is another hit for me. It is a mildly sweet dragon fruit flavored e-juice with a mild throat hit and tone of good dragon flavor. It's easy to see why dragons are not easy to find, they are hoarded by those who have them for their delicious spit to make this stuff.

Dewey is a Mountain Dew flavored juice and it tastes EXACTLY like Mt. Dew. I grabbed this as the flavor of the week so it was half priced, that's right the flavor of the week is half price on any size bottle. I just tasted it and went online to order another bottle. 

Vapes gone wild is an hour and half drive for me to visit from the area I live in but it is well worth the drive. I have drove up for all my juices from them so far and this was my first mail order. The atmosphere makes the hour and a half drive well worth it to me, when I have time to make the drive. So if you're in their neck of the woods, stop by and give them a shout. If the drive is just too much, their online ordering is super simple and easy to use. Check them out at or stop by one of their retail locations in Georgia. 


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