Monday, February 3, 2014

StogieBoys Big Sexy Cigar Club welcome kit final review

I have had a chance to get some cigars in the nice little humidor that was sent to me by StogieBoys for the Big Sexy Smokers Club. I have to say I am impressed with this little humidor so far. It required being seasoned twice but after the second rub down with distilled water, it was ready to go the next morning. I had to refill the hygrometer after the second seasoning so that tells me that the wood was a bit on the dry side. The seal is still holding very well and there was no warping of the wood after seasoning. I have found that some of the small (20-25 count) humidors in this price range will warp if they are of inferior quality. This one held up superbly and the best part is that it is a freebie and is included in your membership. The little hygrometer is acurate so far, I tested it against several digitals and in multiple environments (not just inside the humidor).I plan to use this box for when I plan out my reviews, which is something I haven't done very well in the past. I plan to get a game plan together for reviews for atleast six months out, and then hold myself to the lineup I have decided on. I hope this will keep me on track with regular updates here at the site.

I have had a chance to use the included lighter as well. I am a Xikar fanboy but I do own some torches that are not xikar. This is one of those lighters that you will fall in love with regardless of your usual fire creating choices. I really like the soft flame and the torch in the same lighter body. I like to toast the edges of the foot with the torch and then use the soft flame to actually light my cigar. Calll me crazy but it seems to keep the tobacco from getting so hot. I have lit probably a dozen cigars with this one so far and had to refill it at around cigar number 11 (that includes me playing with the lighter too). While it may not be a xikar or a bugatti lighter, it is still a quality piece of pyrophenalia that would be perfect to add to you collection, or to give to a new cigar smoker who may not have invested in a good torch yet.

The final verdict on the membership kit? I give it a huge thumbs up! This makes my seventh humidor that is in service and it works just as well as any of the others I have. So far the Big Sexy Smokers Club  has my attention and recommendation.

As noted in a previous post, the cigars sent to me for the month of January were the Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame Toro, in Connecticut and Maduro. I have already reviewed both of these cigars on the site, so I will provide a link to those below. They are some tasty smokes, you might say Hall of Fame material. I know my word-play is rusty. Until next time, keep em toasty and step over to StogieBoys and check out the Big Sexy Smokers Club for yourself, I believe you will be pleased.
Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame Maduro

Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame Connecticut

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