Friday, January 17, 2014

StogieBoys Big Sexy Smokers Club

Well I am now an official Big Sexy Cigar Smoker. I have always been skeptical of the cigar clubs, especially those with $35 per month memberships. I figured take that and buy a sampler, atleast you know what you're getting. Well I believe this club is a game changer and am going to be giving it a shot. I received the starter kit today, which comes with your membership. It was shipped out to me super fast, I didn't expect it until next week but I'm not complaining. It contained a 25 capacity humidor complete with hygrometer and humidifier, a stogieboys v cut cutter, and a pretty wicked looking lighter. The humidifier is a gel bead type and much better than a floral foam you might see with a ton of humidors. The hygrometer is small and constructed of plastic so it will be lighter and more easily attached to the inside of the humidor. They also shipped my first monthly item with the kit, it was the Thurman Thomas hall of fame cigar in Connecticut and maduro. I have already tried these cigars and have even reviewed them here already. I am happy to be adding a couple more of these to the humidor so for my first shipment I am pleased. I know some might think "I have humidors and don't need the kit". Well I assure you, I have 6 humidors in use right now and my belief is that there's always room for another. If you absolutely don't want to use it as a humidor; you could gift it to a beginning cigar smoker for their first humidor, use it as a dry box for slightly "wet" cigars, use it for infused cigars (never store your infused cigars with your UN-infused), or keep as an emergency overflow humidor. Regardless of what you choose it is included with the membership so it's basically a free humidor. It is a basic 25 count but nicely crafted with brass piano quadrant hinges and a good seal. I have seasoned it and am waiting for it to stabilize inside so I can fill it with goodies. It's a small box so it shouldn't take long to season. It does come with setup instructions and instructions for care of the lighter as well.

The lighter is an Emerald dual flame lighter. I don't mean it has 2 torch jets, it has a single torch jet and a soft flame. This means you get the best of both worlds. It feels solid in the hand and appears to be pretty sturdy. I checked their website and this is 15 dollar torch that is currently listed for 8 and some change. The one I received was silver, not sure if colors varied or if all members get the silver. Either way it is an attractive lighter and I'm sure it will provide fire for many fine smoking occasions.

I did find a link to the entire set that they give you with membership It is pretty much the exact same minus the guillotine cutter. At a sticker price of 25 bucks, come on its free just for signing up so it's a win-win.

As if the starter kit wasn't enough to sweeten the deal, you also receive 5% off future orders site-wide AND free shipping. What really set this apart from other clubs, for me was they claim it will not just be cigars sent to you. You will receive "New cigars sent to you every month, plus cigar accessories and swag". At only $65 for a 6 month membership and $120 for a full year, this really is an ultimate value for a cigar club. I will review the items I received in more detail once I have out them to use, I'm looking forward to using this lighter and using this humidor for some overflow cigars.

If you would like to get your membership started, the fine folks at StogieBoys are attentive and friendly. You can join at or give them a call at 1-888-374-7905

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